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Modular Enclosure Systems & Data Centre Solutions

Dramatically reduce upfront investment when fitting out existing buildings as new, resilient, high performance Data Centres. A unique solution developed by Cannon Technologies'  enables a true 'Build as you Grow' phased fit out. By using an indoor variant of the Cannon Technologies' Pre-Engineered System, a Granular Modular Data Centre can be built quickly and easily.

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Housing your data centres in a safe and flexible manner is essential to most businesses as their IT infrastructure is an integral part of the business. Finding a data centre solution that allows you the versatility and flexibility to customise and adapt your capabilities is critical in the investment into the cost of creating the right solution.

At Cannon Technologies Ltd we specialise in providing modular enclosure systems and we are a global leader in our field. We have created a wide variety of products that have been designed with our modular approach to creating enclosure systems that can be tailored to any need.

Modular enclosure systems are easy to configure and build using our Cannon Cabinet Configurator as it helps guide you through the selection of products from the racks and enclosures available and the rack accessories that can be used in them. Our Cannon Cabinet Configurator allows you to build a cabinet using our catalogue of standard accessories so that you can see how they are compatible with each other, fit together and the space that is needed.

Our modular enclosure systems allow you to select the type of racks and enclosures that best meet your needs and then add the rack accessories you require to customise it fully to your requirements. The modular design allows you to select the items that you need and easily fit them into your enclosure system rather than buying a prescriptive design that doesn’t work exactly how you would like it to.

We build our modular enclosure systems for ease of use with simple fastening and fixings that allow you to quickly assemble and adapt your enclosure whenever needed. We have made our systems modular as we know that your needs can change, and it is good to have the flexibility and versatility for the enclosure to adapt and grow with your needs.


Our modular enclosure system allows you to select the panels, doors and locks to encase your cabinet however you want it and protect it. You can add vent panels and fan units to assist with cooling and protect the inside from particles. You can easily add mounting posts and shelves to the enclosure to give you more sections and partition of sections.

We can further customise your enclosure design by adding a plinth, RAFt castors, feet and stabilisers which can be fitted to the base of any of our Cannon cabinets to assist you with easier cable management and cabinet placement and manoeuvrability. We also offer a range of cable management solutions which include steel cable trays and Cable Raceways that can be mounted to any Cannon cabinet or Patching Frame.

We also incorporate a range of safety solutions which include cooling and a choice of three earthing options. We know that managing your server temperatures is essential so through a combination of venting and fans you can manage your temperatures better.

We also offer a variety of miscellaneous products and fixings that can further customise your rack and enclosure to your business requirements.

Turnkey Data Centre Solutions

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