Smart Space Cabinets

A unique cabinet with sliding/removable side panels, when bayed within rowsCannon Smart Space Cab.


Features and Benefits

  • A full specificatoin Server Smart Cab, enhanced with sliding/removable side panels (Narrow Partitition Type).
  • Side panels slide open to allow cross-cabling apertures between single client racks, in a row, when required. 
  • Alternatively, the sliding side panels can easily be adjusted to close off all side access between racks for total security.
  • The side panels can be totally removed or added to bayed racks at any time during the life of the installation.
  • Uniquely, when fitted, the side panels, in any position, maintain close proxomity to the front equipment mounting posts to minimise hot air scavenging to the front cold area. 
  • Maximum cooling efficiency is always maintained within the rack, in any fitted side panel configuration. No cold air is wasted.
  • High density installations benefit substantially from this advantage.
  • Air-Lokk moulded seals can further improve the avoidance oor hot air scavenging to the front area of the equipment. 
  • Air-Lokk mouldings are easily configured to cater for "IT" equipment requiring cross air floor cooling (mixed airflow patterns).
  • Side panels need not be removed, so separate storage of side panels is a challenge which disappears.
  • Side panels can be totally removed, or not fitted, as desired. 



Panel Options:

  • Narrow Partition Panels usually in sliding pairs, to open or close side access
  • Full Depth Sliding Panels for zero side access

The Fundamentals:

In some older, outdated rack designs, totally removable side panels in high density applications, badly reduce the efficiency of cold air flow within the rack and allow hot air to be scavenged from the rear to the front of the "IT" equipment, destroying the cooling effect. 

When side panels are totally removed, cold air can escape wastefully and hot air finds an easy path around the sides of the "IT" equipment and mixes with air entering the front of the servers, raising equipment temperatures and increasing energy consumption of the cooling plant. Obviously bad practice, this problem can totally negate the benefits of Aisle Cocooning and is exacerbated in high power density installations. 

The Solution

The Smart Space Cab offers two versions of sliding removable Partition Panels for racks bayed in rows. 

Narrow Partition Panels

Used in pairs, these narrow partition panels can slide fore and aft to either:

  • Open cross cabling apertures between adjacent racks
  • Or completely close off inter-rack side access 

Importantly, cooling air flow is managed to maximum efficiency in both positions. 

Full Depth Panels

Using singly (or in pairs) to achieve a permanent sideways barrier between adjacent racks. Also used as end-of-row side panels. Full depth panels also preserve Cooling Air Flow efficiently.



  • Six heights - 25U, 33U, 42U, 45U, 47U, 52U
  • Two widths: 600mm or 800mm
  • Three depths: 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm
  • Four infinitely adjustable 19-inch mounting posts allowing universal server mounting - double fixings throughout the double height depth members provide a robust structure (split height mounting post options for variable server depths for the rare instances where server mounting slides have no insufficient depth adjustment)
  • Two full depth slide panels
  • MaxiVent Plus curved perforated doors front and rear - supplied with swing-handle key locks. Single key operates side panel and door locks .
  • All doors open 180° when bayed and 270° at end of bay or when stand-alone. 
  • Quick-release hinges on all doors
  • Multiple moulded finger cable entry glands in roof
  • Maximum cable access through base 
  • Four transit castors fitted
  • Quick-change fan tray compatible
  • Narrow Partition Panels or full depth side panel options. 
  • Narrow Partition Panels allow up to 100mm opening for cross cabling between racks. (Sliding side panels are of less depth than the rack, to achieve this through cabling apertures).
  • Narrow Partition Panels in adjacent butting racks enable total closure of side access between racks for maximum security by sliding butting panels fore and aft respectively. 
  • Whehter open or closed, the sliding panels alwas maintain close proximity to the mounting post to minimise hot air scavenging, ensuring optimum cooling of equipment.
  • The end of row side panel is full depth, as standard, to preserve security and air flow
  • Narrow Partition Panels can be retained in the rack frame and do not require removal or storage, therefore simplifying the mangement task, but side panels can be totally removed if required
  • An internal locking option is available, to secure sliding panels in the closed position
  • Optional Air-Lokk mouldings are available to block the flow of cold air pas thte sides of equipment, but allow cabling through.
  • Air-Lokk mouldings are instantly configurable to cater for cross flow air cooling of certain "IT" equipment within a through air flow conventional rack.
  • Finish: Powder painted Velvet Black to RAL 9005 or Chameleon (Grey White) to RAL 9002. Other colours available on request. 

Please Note: Each 1000mm deep Smart Space Cab is supplied with two full depth 1000mm deep sliding side panels as standard, but can be omitted. Each 1200mm deep Smart Space Cab is supplied with four 600mm deep sliding side panels as standard. For nil side access. 


Order Codes

Order Codes

Sliding Side Panel - 600mm deep


Order Code

42U x 600mm deep Sliding Side Panel 218C00156042
45U x 600mm deep Sliding Side Panel 218C00156045
47U x 600mm deep Sliding Side Panel 218C00156047

Sliding Side Panel - 850mm deep

Description Order Code
42U x 850mm deep Sliding Side Panel 218C00158542
45U x 850mm deep Sliding Side Panel 218C00158545
47U x 850mm deep Sliding Side Panel 218C00158547

Sliding Side Panel - 1000mm deep

Description Order Code
42U x 1000mm deep Sliding Side Panel 218C00159942
45U x 1000mm deep Sliding Side Panel 218C00159945
47U x 1000mm deep Sliding Side Panel 218C00159947


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