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Smart Surveillance POD


Fully Integrated Self-Contained Surveillance Platform

CSbuilds upon proven technology solutions deployed to high threat areas to provide an off-the-shelf package for asset and area protection. It can be re-located in response to evolving security hot-spots, deployed for initial entry into new geographical areas, or added as a compliment to existing security provisions on-site where security sensitivity has increased.

ISO Container for Rapid Deployment

On delivery it provides a ready-to go physical security package, enabling immediate situational awareness for a 2Km radius. 360 degree coverage is provided. The on-container camera systems provide human facial identification anywhere up-to the 2km radius through both Colour and Thermal imagery. 

Flexible Sensor Suite

The system is expandable enabling additional cameras, critical infrastructure intrusion sensors, and ground-based RADAR to be deployed.  Long range optics and extended coverage mast-sets are available should a greater area of coverage be required. Internal workspace allows two operators to view and use of all available sensors on a collated easy-to use display. 

A Unified Package for Security Threat Management

In high risk locations, a high degree of Surveillance and Situational Awareness is the only way to identify and respond to evolving events and threats.  The CS3 provides for this, with a comprehensive planning and co-ordination package, allowing evidential collection of CCTV footage and co-ordination of the appropriate response with private security personnel and national security forces.


The system is fully contained for deployment in advance of fixed supporting infrastructures. This includes survey locations or temporary operating bases. A full integration service can be provided.  Custom or off-the-shelf training and support packages are available.

Existing or additional security infrastructure can be incorporated.  The system provides internal space within industry standard 19” racks. Existing infrastructures, where available, can be integrated at-site to compliment the overall package or provide a smooth transition of service. Distributed areas are covered through fixed or radio communications between containers. 

A unified view is provided of all sensors in every container for un-staffed operation and co-ordination between teams and units.

Complete solution


Operating personnel can be fully trained on the integrated system before deployment, enabling immediate set-up and operation. This is enables true rapid-effect and mobility of security. The container includes comfortable accommodation for two operating staff.

All cameras are recorded at all times into an image reference library. Targets can be tracked between systems and post-incident analysis can be undertaken. Eyes-on handover and recording is provided during transition between areas of coverage. 

The system provides an enhanced level of situational intelligence over time, allowing suspicious persons to be identified. Images can be recorded and distributed to guards and local law enforcement.

Finance and Planning

Financing options can be tailored to capital or operational expenditure budgets. The purchased system is fully recoverable by the operator as an asset. Temporary infrastructure overcomes many planning and/or approval delays, and can be transitioned to a permanent state once the supporting infrastructure is in place.

System Options

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Short and Long range electro-optic cameras ranging from 500m up to 25km. Solid state and rotating RADAR. Ground Sensor and Building Management System relay alarms, with intrusion lighting. Body worn, K9, and vehicular cameras. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) with the  ability for database search on number plates

Communication links via satellite, radio and optical fibre. System to System integration connecting and control external systems sensors. Global Positioning System sensor for automatic calibration of the container map location. Laser Range Finder and bearing readout for visual triangulation.

Industry Solutions & Case Studies

Petro-Chemical Land Infrastructure

A specialised solution to meet the exacting needs of oilfield protection.   These sites tend to be geographically remote with limited infrastructure and in unstable locations. The system can be rapidly deployed to anywhere on site and is completely self-contained.  For high-threat areas, the containers can be connected back to a central op room with a controlled feed for local law enforcement.   Containers can be situated for coverage around geographical features or areas of concern.  ANPR and facial recognition spots persons of interest anywhere within the range of visibility, providing plenty of notice to respond.

Airstrips and Logistic Heads

The built-in software provides the capability to create alarm boundaries around high value and high sensitivity areas.  Should objects be moved outside of the designated areas, or personnel enter, the alarm would be raised.  The Alarm can automatically cue cameras to pan and record the incident.  The system continually records, allowing evidential recording of tampering attempts, and cueing on-site staff to undertake a granular inspection of the asset before use.  Fence lines and runways can also be protected with the main sensors, complimented by unattended ground sensors. This enables the runway approach to be verified, even where there is no direct line-of-sight.

Military Operations

The system is provided in a self-contained package, and can include appropriate training and support packages.  As an integrated package the solution requires minimal staffing and resources, reducing the impact on the supply chain and operational headcount. 

The solution protects forward locations both inside and outside of the base of operations.  Wearable cameras can be provided for policing activities.  Radio communications provides for command and control input with eyes-on console access to the operations room.  A unified view is provided from multiple sensor inputs including UAVs and covert monitoring.  Systems like this can clearly be shown to protect life and reduce casualties.

The system operates using established standards for interoperability with a wide range of equipment.

Public Event Policing and Security Control

An enhanced level of policing coverage can be provided to temporary locations where fixed security infrastructure is inappropriate or cost prohibitive.  This enables a proportionate response for the size, spread, and volatility of festivals and concerts.  The system is not reliant on any fixed infrastructures and can be deployed with remote cameras and sensors to cover back-stage access and controlled areas, food courts and bars, and likely trouble areas.

Maritime Infrastructure and Oil Rigs

The system is helicopter portable for delivery.  Upon initialisation, it ingests NMEA signals from existing sensors around the platform such as RADAR.   The container is of standard maritime build, resistant to salt-spray and corrosion as appropriate for maritime use.  Radio links enable collaboration with other containers deployed on other rigs and platforms in the oil field.  This enables a unified view of all RADAR and Camera inputs for whole-field coverage.

Border and Boundary Security

Border control applies to both national and corporate geographical areas.  Both thermal and optical cameras are needed to protect in total darkness at night when the threat is highest.  Thermal cameras are also utilised at harbours and checkpoints where background lighting can dazzle the viewer. Coupling between the cameras and RADAR enables operators to track multiple targets, identify the individual, tag as friend or foe and take the appropriate course of action. 

Situational awareness is covered for a geographically large area using multiple interconnected containers, each with a unified view.  Sensors are viewed in unison between containers enabling eyes-on hand-over between units and partial staffing.  Containers can be moved to prevent intruders from gaining familiarity with areas of coverage and enabling a small number of containers to police a wider environment.

The unified view combined with alarming and cueing of cameras reduces the impact of operator fatigue, and provides for greater awareness.

Major Incident Response

The system is optimised for policing, including the capability to interface wearable cameras from both mounted and foot patrols and K9 units as well as vehicular systems.  In the event of a Major incident the container can be driven or dropped at a central location with situational operations facilities.  Rapid relocation is enabled should the local situation deteriorate.  Cameras are recorded for evidential gathering and later analysis, along with attached GPS sensors for position and orientation.  Radio communications provide for real-time co-ordination of ground staff.  Remote terminals can provide a picture of persons of interest to the local forces.