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Smart IT for Office

Ready-to-Go Solution

Smart IT For Office

A validated suite of printers, laptops, smartboards, videoconference suites, workstations and supporting devices, or use your own devices. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for smartphones and tablet computing such as iPads. Internet and Corporate LAN access, fully filtered for anti-virus and anti-malware.

Desk Access Unit provide LAN connection and telephony in the offices. Optional cloud telephony providers or connect to local telephone lines. Video Tele-Conferencing (VTC) suites provide face-to-face communication. Optional web cameras for IP telephones. IP telephones and VTC are integrated with Microsoft Lync to provide enhanced opportunities for collaboration.

Integrated Services for all Major Business Productivity Applications

A central pod provides internet and corporate WAN connection routers along with normal office productivity servers, IP telephony and video conferencing control systems.  Includes local instances of Microsoft Office Exchange, SharePoint and Lync, pre-built File and Print services, and a comprehensive management suite. 

Smart IT For Office

Low-Risk Ready-to-Use Infrastructure

The solution is completely self-contained, and provides an off the shelf IT infrastructure suitable to support all of the major business applications. 

An Integrated Desk Access Infrastructure, Including Telephony and BYOD

Desk units provide wired access for laptops, computers and telephony.  An optional secure wireless LAN provides wireless access and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) smartphones and tablets.

Assured Compliance and Security

The solution is assured to ISO27001 security compliance for protection of personal details and financial information.  As well as ensuring regulatory compliance, dual enterprise grade firewalls and on-the-wire antivirus capabilities are included for peace of mind.

Cloud Ready Infrastructure

Options are available for a local tape archive library or cloud backup.  Using the cloud service, data can be backed up to a BS7799 secured cloud storage capability co-resident with disaster recover office space. Cloud services can be used for spikes in IT demand, such as during product launches.

Commercially sensitive information is maintained within the ISO27001 assured bubble, while public facing services can scale using widely distributed cloud processing to supplement the local infrastructure.

A Platform for Business

Smart IT For Office

Provides a core set of business productivity and collaboration applications. The system is flexible to host additional applications and services as determined by the needs of the business. Includes a highly resilient server and storage platform.

The integrated SAN is extremely robust and provides assured data storage for users and applications. Scales to hundreds of terabytes, enabling the Smart IT box to become the core of a much larger enterprise. Scales for the normal business requirements of 200-3000 users, and beyond where demanding applications such as Oracle databases are needed.

Rapid Start-Up

The pod environment is sealed with no reliance on computer room infrastructures or environment. All of the services are pre-populated onto the system ready to use, with known good configurations.  At day one, the initial painful period of IT problem impact is removed through the use of known-good assured services.  All elements of the system have been pre-validated.