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Smart IT for Data Centres

Smart IT For Data Centre

Day-One Computing

Centiant’s Instant Datacentre is a pre-populated high performance virtual computing platform. The Instant Datacentre pods can be installed at build-time with your Cannon T4 data centre enabling day-one services to commissioned.

Instant Return on Investment

Immediate business use of a new-build datacentre. The pods are populated at build-time with the datacentre.

Highly Scalable

Low latency, high performance infrastructure is used to scale the computing infrastructure from 40 to 10,000 cabinets of processing and storage.

Leading Technologies

The system can be pre-populated with Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare ESXi, Openstack/Openflow and cloud supporting virtualisation software.

Works First Time, Every Time

All of the system components are verified and assured to work with each other, and have validated known-good build and configuration.


Each of the pods are provided complete with all supporting infrastructure, pre-sized cooling and HVAC systems, and scalable distributed network core  

Available Pods

  • Hosting Pod provides the virtual server hosting capability.
  • Storage Pod provides robust storage of data
  • Infrastructure Pod provides both WAN connectivity and management functions in support of the datacentre
  • NOC Pod provides desks and management consoles for co-located support staff
  • All-in-One Pod provides a collapsed infrastructure block with Hosting, Storage and Core elements.
  • Big Data All-in-One Pod provides an ultra-high performance, low latency database platform.

Off-the-shelf Pods are provided in 20 or 40 rack designs. Custom variations are available.

Hosting Pod

Processing Pod is an enclosed-aisle rack pod of virtualisation platform servers. Fits are available with Dell, Fujitsu, HP and commodity servers.  Models vary, and are tailored to the power and cooling efficiency of the self-contained unit to establish the maximum density of processing power. The servers boot with the chosen virtualisation hypervisor ready for rollout of new services.

Storage Pod

Storage Pod is an enclosed-aisle rack pod populated with a resilient disk-based storage SAN. Fits are available with NetApp, Dell Equallogic, Fujitsu-Siemens or HP Storageworks SAN equipment. A subset of racks can be configured with rapid SSD or high spin-rate disks for rapid access applications.

Core Pod

The core services for management and communications. Provides ITIL compliant maintenance and service delivery capabilities. Provides telecommunications presentation and WAN connectivity systems to connect the datacentre to external users. Scales for multiple 40Gbps and 100Gbps connections to resilient service providers.


Provides an enclosed area of the datacentre for operations and support staff. Integral desking is pre-fitted with management consoles, telephony and supporting office functions.

All-in-One Pod

The All-in-One pod provides a combination of the Hosting, Storage and Core platforms for corporate hosting installations.

Big Data All-in-One Pod

The Big Data All-in-one pod combines high performance servers and storage with ultra-low latency networking. This can be complimented by HP Autonomy intelligent indexing or Hadoop enabled filesystem configurations. The system scales to enable large-scale data warehouses to process petabytes of information.

Scaling for Large Environments

All of the pods incorporate resilient microsecond-latency aggregation switches suitable to deploy in traditional, leaf-spine or low latency models. The solution scales to thousands of cabinets of capability within the datacentre.