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Smart IT For Cloud Computing

Smart IT for Cloud Computing

Off-the-Shelf Cloud Hosting Environment

Pre-designed and integrated on proven components using class leading technology.  Provides business a private cloud solution it can trust. Eliminates costly design and integration.  

Transition to External Cloud Services

T4 Cloud System allows your organisation to take advantage of resources within the public cloud space. Your applications can expand into public or private cloud space.

Infrastructure Built Ready to Scale

The solution is designed to scale to the needs of the organisation, housing the base implementation of all applications to be connected to the cloud. A private infrastructure is created for applications which need to remain within the organisation.

Open Standard Compliant

Open standards are used to maximise the advantage gained from cloud integration and remove vendor tie-in costs.

Ease of Management with Orchestration and Automation

Based on the most popular cloud technologies making the process of build orchestration and management automation easier to achieve.

Cloud Benefits for your Organisation

Provides for organic growth in application usage. A base platform can expand into local or public resources. The base platform scales in “blocks” allowing internal IT to expand without complex reconstruction.

Ease of Management

System resources can be automatically repurposed to handle sudden changes in load. System resources can be accounted for and billed individually.  Services are paid for by the departments that really need them. The solution has been designed for lights out operation and can be remotely managed at all levels.

The full set of management tools makes managing the Cluster Grid easy. The solution integrates with external cloud providers allowing your organisation to build hybrid solutions using both internal and external resources.

Smart IT For Cloud Computing

True Cloud Platform Independence

Cloud services can be migrated among any infrastructure devices for true mobility between public and private space. Built on Intel x86 architecture to support different OS guest images.

Images can be designed in house or bought.  Applications can be shared among interested parties who want to collaborate for business goals. Leverage the benefits of rapid repeatable rollouts of live solutions or test bed prototypes without  worrying if your new server is the same as the old one.

Orchestration benefits for your organisation

Orchestration enables true scalability of application workloads using public or private cloud space. Applications are built once using a template approach.  This template is repeated a number of times to scale the application for greater demand. Duplication of the template is handled through automation according to the demands of the business. 

Services scale-down out of hours for operational cost savings. Orchestration toolsets result in builds that are guaranteed repeatable with full documentation that is easy to compare against the estate. A set of pre created orchestration templates are available for common business applications. Templates can be combined into run scripts of multiple tasks ensuring that if you build a service on a Monday morning or Friday night it will be exactly the same outcome.


Through a service passed approach, applications are monitored end-to-end. Monitoring is completely independent of the platform or service provider.

Cost saving

By scaling the applications on a building-block approach, resources are only used when required.  At all other times the infrastructure is dormant in a low-power state. External cloud services are procured on a situational basis only.