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Smart IT for CCTV

Off the Shelf CCTV Monitoring and Remote Recording

Pre designed and integrated on proven components using class leading technology.  Provides your business a private CCTV solution both live and recording, while eliminating the costly design and integration process.  

Infrastructure Built Ready to Scale

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The solution is designed to scale to the needs of the organisation, housing the base implementation of all CCTV ITE to be connected to either cell, microwave, copper or fibre. All in one solution: The cabinet contains all the systems to support the camera systems being monitored and ITE required within the cabinets. UPS , Fire protection, Cooling system, Network Switch, DVR, Fibre media converter, Servers & Crpto would all be inside the weatherproof enclosure. 

The solution has been designed for lights out operation and can be easily remotely managed at a number of levels. The enclosures as designed for arduous conditions including trackside and portside. Deployed on thousands of sites worldwide, Cannon was honoured to be chosen as the CCTV systems enclosure supplier for the London Olympics 2012. By using pre-configured scalable solutions Cannon can supply plug and play CCTV solutions which are rapidly deployed and reliable.