Smart IT


 "Smart IT For" is a package of ready-to-go IT solutions for common business needs.  Solutions are ready integrated allowing for immediate use without costly design and installation. 

Smart IT for Cloud Computing

Smart IT for Office

Smart IT for Data Centres

Smart IT for Education

Smart IT for CCTV

The business and office model, contains file and print services, IP telephony, Microsoft SharePoint and Lync, Secure internet and email, video-teleconferencing, cloud back and disaster recovery, all as a pre-integrated solution.  The solution is ready verified against financial and personal data regulations. 

Similarly the education model is ready integrated with wireless access, filtered internet for safe browsing, Microsoft SharePoint for Education and MOODLE virtual learning environments,  a full duty-of-care package, and optimised to provide regulatory compliance.  These systems meet the need for pervasive uptake of IT by supporting interactive smartboards, tablet computers and extend the same compliance to Bring Your Own Device.

The Cloud Computing and Datacentre models provide a jump-start to business migrating to the cloud, or implementing private datacentres, with an immediate ready-to-operate solution after installation.

The business requirements for all of these packages are common to  organisations of a similar nature.  The expense and delay of implementing a bespoke package to meet common requirements is entirely removed.  The solution can still be tailored to individual organisational requirements, but can include benefits from a common starting point of integration, compliance and validation.

The solutions are available for outright purchase or lease, easing the cost of moving to a new site or setting up afresh.  

The "Smart IT For" community of solutions can get your business and systems operational faster and with greater cost effectiveness, while removing the headache of design validation and compliance.