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Smart ICT for Education Smart IT For Office

An easy start to:

  • Wireless Networking
  • Safe Internet
  • Virtual Learning

Cannon’s Smart ICT for Education package is an all-in-one wireless access & information technology solution for schools.

The Smart ICT for Education installation provides a unified platform for IT and communications, enabling pervasive uptake of new learning technologies. 

Works first time, every time

All of the system components are verified and assured to work with each other, and have validated known-good build and configuration.

Regulatory Compliance and Peace of Mind

The solution is verified as compliant with Ofsted requirements for duty of care and government requirements for information assurance.

Safe Policed Internet

All internet access is regulated and policed to government assurance standards.  Undesirable content is blocked through granular control of website access.

Leading Technologies

The system provides pre-installed applications including Moodle Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and SharePoint for Education along with file storage, email, web proxies and management technologies to maintain the system operation.

Supports Bring your own device (BYOD) SMART ICT FOR Education

Integrated support for Bring-your-own-device enables use of student owned smartphones and laptops while maintaining compliance with internet filtering regulations and protecting against computer virus propagation.

Small Footprint 

A small cupboard-sized unit contains all of the IT infrastructure. Hosting is provided provides attachment to the internet. New applications are hosted virtually with no space impact. An internal chiller and locking doors allow installation in almost any un-used space at the school.  An optional external enclosure allows installation outside      

Comprehensive Application Suite

A virtual hosting environment provides

  • A MOODLE Virtual Leaning Environment
  • A Microsoft SharePoint for Education server
  • Chat and collaboration software for team-working
  • Office productivity applications such as MS Office, Outlook and Exchange email

Three sizes of unit are available for Small, Medium, and Large schools.

  • Small ­ 200 users
  • Medium ­ 1000 users
  • Large ­ 3000 users

Each user is provided with Personal Storage of 100Mb per user and shared storage of 200Mb per user. All application data is backed up locally or to a security assured cloud service for hands-free operation. A range of validated laptops, smartboards, workstations and tablet computers are available to compliment the solution.


Wireless access enables complete flexibility of classroom layout and mobility. Wireless access points for each classroom provide connection for computers, smartboards, and printers. Integrated support for handheld mobile tablet computers, such as iPads.


Social Media Enabled

Social Media activities can be selectively controlled, enabling Facebook and Twitter use. Internet services are sized for streamed video such as YouTube. Recorded lessons can be uploaded and shared with other schools.  YouTube for Schools access is integrated and can be enforced.

Easy to manage

An easy to maintain management toolset enables the local administrator to carry out common maintenance activities. A clone of virtual services can be created to allow off-line trial of new software and changes. A managed service is provided as escalation should support be needed

Comprehensive Security and Assurance

The solution is fully compliant with the minefield of regulatory standards including

  • ISO 27001 / CESG IS1 security accreditation to IL2 (personal data)
  • Ofsted duty-of-care regulation on internet access filtering
  • Health and safety regulation on IT use
  • Ofcom & FOIA compliance

The system automatically updates for antivirus, spyware, and anonymous proxy blocking. The system scans for viruses on-the-wire before they get to your computer. Secured file areas protect personal data and confidential notes.