Rear Door Cooling Unit

Cannon Water Cooling Solutions Work on the Air to Water Heat Exchange Principle:

  • Warm air from a cabinet, room or aisle is forced through the heat exchanger fan coil by high efficiency fans.
  • The heat exchanger has water chilled to between 7 and 20 degrees  circulating within its coil. This is supplied by an external main system water chiller.
  • The heat dissipates  into the coil and is 'exchanged' with the water cooled air.
  • The cool air is carried out and circulated into the cold aisle or cabinet.
  • The water warmed by the heat exchanger is returned to the main system through a flow control valve.

Performance of the System is Climate Dependent:

  • The computer room should be isolated from outside heat sources and fresh air minimised.
  • Open spaces to the sides of the 19" racks should be blanked and  wiring taken to the sides of equipment. This maintains optimum cooling performance.
  • Cabinet equipment rack space should have maximum airflow.
  • All unused rack space should be blanked off.

Cannon computer rack cabinet/aisle water cooling systems are not traditional air conditioners, they do not regulate humidity.

Cannon Cooling Systems will Remove Water Vapour in High Humidity:

  • The condensate drain should be run to a normal gravity drain sump. An condensate pump may be fitted if necessary.
  • If humidity is too low, static electricity may cause a hazard to people and equipment.