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A selection list below of our Rack Accessories

We offer a broad range of rack accessories that complement our range of racks and enclosures to help you to build a versatile and flexible product to house your IT infrastructure needs. Our products are designed to be modular so that you can customise the enclosure racks to meet your needs and they have the versatility to change the configuration in the future if needed.

To help you to design and build an enclosure rack to meet your needs we offer our easy-to-use Cannon Cabinet Configurator which allows you to populate the cabinet with a variety of standard accessories available in our catalogue. This enables you to virtually build and fit our rack accessories into the cabinet so you can see what space is available and how compatible the accessories are.

We offer a variety of panels to customise your racks which includes side panels that can be easily locked in to place in the rack, blanking panels and vented panels that allow you to prevent and restrict airflow within the cabinet where no equipment is fitted.

We also offer a range of doors and locks to customise your racks to meet your individual needs. Our doors can be easily attached on the left or right side of the cabinet, can be removed and lockable options are available. Our locks range is designed for a variety of cabinets and can be fitted to new cabinets or retrofitted to existing cabinets.

Our shelves have been designed for minimal hassle when installing to the frame as we have designed them with pre-set brackets that clip to the front and rear of the mounting posts. Our mounting posts are offered in a variety of sizes to suit various applications and are flexibly designed.

Our Cannon Modular Plinths are designed to fit beneath the cabinet to allow cables to be easily fed from the sides and rear of the plinth. We also offer a range of castors, feet and stabilisers that can be fitted to the base of any Cannon cabinet and castors are available in medium and heavy-duty. We also offer RAFt which is used under a cabinet in place of a floor tile in raised floor installations.

For safety, we also offer fan units and earthing solutions. Our fan units are designed to allow faster removal with easy access and minimal disruption to the rest of the cabinet. We offer a range of earthing options which include Cannon Vertical Earth Strips, Earth Bonding Kits and a 19-inch Earth Bar.

We provide cable management solutions in the form of steel cable trays that fit vertically into the cabinets to manage cables in a simple but attractive way that are easy to install. We also offer Cable Raceway which are rack-mounted cable tracks that can be mounted on to any Cannon cabinet or Patching Frame and remove the need for ceiling hung cable trays.

We also offer KVM and a variety of miscellaneous products and fixings that can complete your rack and enclosure to your requirements.