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Network data cabinets

Network data cabinets are mostly used for the storage of IT equipment which includes routers, patch panels, switches and a variety of networking equipment that you want to house together. A network rack cabinet will also house the same items, but a rack description often refers to an open-sided storage solution whereas a cabinet refers to a closed sided storage solution.

Server rack cabinets in comparison to network rack cabinets tend to be deeper so that they can accommodate more equipment within them.

At Cannon Technologies, we cater for all types of network data cabinets and network rack cabinets as we offer a modular enclosure system that allows you to build the system that you require by selecting the rack and enclosure that you want from the qualities that best suit your needs and then you can select the rack accessories you need to customise it to your requirements.

When you customise your network data cabinet, you can select to add panels and doors to turn the rack into a cabinet. You can add a variety of rack accessories to enhance the solution and ensure the safety of it including vented panels, fan units and earthing options to protect your assets. You can also add mounting posts and shelves to increase storage and to section off areas.

Due to the modular design, you can adapt your network rack cabinet at any point as our modular enclosure system allows your racking to grow and adapt with your business and its needs. This means that you can start with a lower upfront cost and build capacity as and when you need it to create the best network housing solution for you that can grow with you.

Other rack accessories can be added to your design and you can work out the best design for your business by using our easy-to-use Cannon Cabinet Configurator. The Cannon Cabinet Configurator allows you to select a rack and enclosure that suits you and then add various rack accessories from our standard catalogue to your cabinet design to see how they fit together, the space that is required and how best to configure them for compatibility. This way you can see what will work best for you before buying the solution and trying to assemble it. The range of accessories and options is endless so this can help you to focus and plan your design.

Other rack accessories can be added such as plinths, RAFt, castors, feet and stabilisers which are compatible with all Cannon cabinets and can help you mobilise and manage your cabinet as well as assist with cable management. We also offer cable management solutions and Cable Raceway to help better hide and keep cables tidy.

We also offer a range of data center racks and cabinets which are also modular in their design. This modular approach to building a data centre allows you to reduce the upfront investment when fitting out a new data centre and create a solution that grows with you.  

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