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Mini / Micro Data Centres

Mini / Micro Data Centres

The Cannon Technologies' Mini and Micro Data Centre range is the result of over forty years' experience. The solutions we offer are constantly developing, staying ahead of emerging technologies and designed to perform in the most extreme environments. Cannon Technologies has used innovation developed for our world-beating road and trackside enclosures and applied it to Micro Data Centre Systems.

This state of the art system enables  deployment of High Density Computing, CCTV, Cell Telco, Network Switching, Card Services or Data Collection.

Incorporating Fire Events, Access and Cooling Systems as well as world beating Enclosure Technology, Cannon Technologies has it covered.

Every Data Centre is different and Cannon Technologies will provide expert assistance in specification, design  and deployment that only a company with over forty years' experience can offer. Whatever your requirement, from a single cabinet to a highpowered  Data Centre, our team of experts are always on hand to help and advise.


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Mini / Micro Data Centres Full Specifications (2755 KB)

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