Dual ISO Clamshell

inside isoA mid-sized, transportable Modular Data Centre with increased floor spaceWide aisles and deep racks provide excellent work space and promote efficiency.



Features and Benefits

Easily transported and rapidly deployed, the dual ISO, clamshell Data Centre provides a professionally engineered solution, deployable anywhere in the world. Using almost forty years of experience, Cannon has preengineered a range of floor plans and capacities to provide a number of standard solutions with low to high power and cooling densities. Sharing all of the features of the Cannon T4 TMDC Range, in terms of power and cooling options the dual ISO clamshell offers an increased size Data Hall and fit out options, as alternatives to the standard ISO and WISO range.

The Best of Both Worlds

Each individual module which forms the two part clamshell is easily transported, using standard ISO container transportation and handling systems. At the point of deployment, the temporary wall panels are removed and both halves of the clamshell are rapidly joined and sealed. The Dual ISO Clamshell Data Centre provides a large exploitable floor plan, perfect for efficient operation.



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