TCannon Wiso watermarkedhe Cannon T4 ‘WISO’ is a unique, Transportable Modular Data Centre (TMDC), which combines the advantages of easy transportation and deployment, together with high level operational performance, in any global location. The WISO provides increased capacity, more aisle space and enhanced layout options, than does the ISO.




Advanced infrastructure providing best of bread functionality
High resilience and robust throughout
A range of medium and high density power and cooling solutions
State of the art real time control of all critical functions with remote control, monitoring and alarms

WISO Provides Increased Work Space

The WISO avoids the constraints and operational complexity of narrow containerised solutions by providing increased operational space with wide aisles and deep racks, permanently fixed. This avoids the difficulties posed by sliding Rack Solutions, or cramped designs.Power and Data Cabling is not subjected to damage caused by constant flexing which occurs when Racks slide backwards or forwards, as is necessitated in many narrow containerised solutions. In the WISO, all cabling is safely contained and static, with no dangerous flexing. In other words, it is a traditional Data Centre in modular form.

WISO Concepts and Advantages

‘WISO’ is a Cannon concept which merges the logistical advantages of ISO Containerised benefits with clever re-engineering of the ISO module to achieve a wider floor plan than is available in the standard ISO Container, up to 3.5m in width, compared to 2.4m of the original ISO standard container. Critical features are maintained as all structural corner castings of the original ISO remains in place to facilitate ease of handling.



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