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Industrial server racks | Industrial server cabinets

We provide a variety of products that are designed to cater for server rooms and data centres. Our industrial server rack solutions are modular in design and offer you a flexible and versatile solution that can grow and expand as your capacity builds.

We offer a variety of products that can be used to build your industrial server cabinets using our unique modular approach to building effective and robust server solutions. We offer a wide variety of racks and enclosures systems that combine with our large range of rack accessories to make a bespoke and tailor-made server room.

Our industrial server rack and industrial server cabinets can be built to exact needs and are designed to allow you to add to them and adapt them whenever needed. This modular design allows you to reduce the level of investment required at the beginning of your project in building your server room as you can buy what you need and can rest assured that the equipment can be added to at any point. All of our modular rack accessories are designed with ease of installation and they can be retrofitted, as a lot of our accessories are installed through the simple and robust clip in methods using our mounting posts. The rack accessories can also be easily removed independently without affecting the rest of the rack or cabinet.

We offer such a broad range of accessories which includes a variety of panels to help you enclose your racks and turn them into cabinets, to protect them from particles and control airflow using vented panels and blanking panels as well as offering shelves. We also offer a range of doors and produce locks that can be fitted from new or retrofitted when needed.

We consider all aspects of your needs through our versatile range of rack accessories as we offer plinths, Cable Raceway and steel cable trays to assist you with effective cable management solutions that are flexibly designed. We also offer a range of RAFt, castors, feet and stabiliser to help finish your industrial server rack and make it more stable and manoeuvrable.

We offer a range of fan units and earthing solutions to help make your server racks or cabinets safer and more controllable. We also can provide a KVM and a variety of miscellaneous products and fixings to further tailor your rack or cabinet to meet your needs.

If you are looking to design your own industrial server cabinet you can use our easy-to-use Cannon Cabinet Configurator to discover which of our standard rack accessories are compatible with your chosen racks and enclosures, what space is required and how they work together as a complete unit. This virtual tool is used by many people to help them plan and build the most effective solutions for their server rooms, however, we are always on hand to help with our highly experienced team of experts. Contact us today to discuss your needs and requirements.

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