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Data center racks and cabinets

We offer a variety of data center racks and cabinets in our product range that are designed to provide you with a versatile and flexible solution to manage your data centre. Our popular modular data centre solutions allow you to drastically reduce the upfront cost and investment in fitting out your data centre.

Our modular data centre solutions provide you with a resilient and high-performance solution that allows you to invest in the equipment when needed and expand the equipment, such as adding further data center racks and cabinets as required, to enable a ‘Build as you Grow’ solution.

Cannon Technologies’ modular design approach to data centres is a unique solution that can cater for all businesses and their circumstances as you can plan and build a data centre that meets your exact needs. If you choose one of our Pre-Engineered Systems, your data centre can be built quickly and easily with the advantage of it being modular so that it can be adapted and expanded whenever needed.

Our modular data centre solutions offer a broad range of choice and cater for businesses of all sizes. Each of our solutions provides you with a flexible range of products that allow you to build a data centre to meet your needs comprising of data center racks and cabinets and a variety of rack accessories to complete your chosen solution.

Our modular data centre range includes our Cannon Globe Trotter, Data Campus, Mini and Micro Data Centres, and Turnkey Data Centre Solutions. Canon Globe Trotter is part of our modular data centre infrastructure and provides a build block approach that can be scaled and is also transportable. We even offer our Cannon Globe Trotter on a lease basis as well and you can find out more on our dedicated data centre website.

Our Data Campus prefabricated modular data centre system caters for all spaces with different sizes and heights. This cutting-edge solution is designed to offer high levels of security, efficiency and resilience for your data centre.

Our Mini and Micro Data Centres have been developed to be cutting-edge and are able to perform in the most extreme environments. These are designs that you can trust and deliver peace of mind as the robust and versatile designs incorporate fire protection, cooling systems and effective access.

Our fully managed, turnkey data centre solution provides you with a tailor-made solution that will be delivered by our highly experienced team who will take the time to understand your current and future needs in creating your data centre.

Whatever your needs, whether it is a single cabinet to a high-powered Data Centre, our highly experienced team of experts are available to help and advise in creating the best solution for your needs. With our modular approach and our wealth of experience, you can trust that we will build a solution that will meet your needs now and grow with your business. Get in touch with us today to see what we can create for your business.

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