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A selection list below of our Racks, Cabinets & Enclosures

Cannon Technologies Ltd offers a wide variety of racks and enclosure products that cater for a range of IT needs and are suitable for all industries. We offer a Cannon Cabinet Configurator that is an easy-to-use tool that helps you to plan and build your cabinet layout with the ability to populate the cabinet with a variety of standard accessories currently available in our catalogue. Within the Cannon Cabinet Configurator, you can virtually fit our accessories into the cabinets to check the space and compatibility of these accessories.

Our range of enclosure racks includes a variety of cabinets that include standalone cabinets that offer different configurations, wall-mounted cabinets, battery cabinets, distribution cabinets and racks. This range of racks and enclosures also has a range of compatible rack accessories which includes a variety of panels, doors, locks, shelves, plinths, mounting posts, fans, earthing, cable management and much more.

We offer a range of racks and enclosures products that can fit all locations and provide a product that suits all needs with stylishly designs that incorporate high-tech features to keep your servers safe and protected. Features can include the ability to accommodate 19-inch rack-mountable servers, easy access doors, maximised cable entry through roof and base options, and cooling capabilities.

We offer a choice of smart cabinets which include Smart Space Cabinets, Server Smart Cabinets, Smart Cabinets and Smart Net Cabinets. This range of smart cabinets offer leading-edge infrastructure in elegant designs that provide unparalleled cooling capabilities for housing 19-inch servers. This range offers a variety of designs providing versatility and flexibility.

The Co-Locate Cabinets provide a server friendly design with robust capability within a co-locating system. The Cannon Patching Frame is a high-density patching frame that is versatile and allows a large volume of cabling and cable management. The Broadcast Cabinets have been designed specifically for the broadcasting and communications industries to allow easy access and attractive finish.

The EMC Cabinets provide Electro-Magnetic Compatibility that offers an advanced design to house critical equipment including medical, defence and other sensitive IT applications. The IP Rated Cabinets are a range of cabinets and wall-mounted boxes that offer a high degree of water and particle invasion protection. The Seismic Cabinets offer protection for critical data systems which are extremely robust and versatile product with a flexible design.

The Wall Mounted Cabinets are compact and secure products for wall-mounted solutions where floor access is required. The Battery Cabinets are available to suit cells from all major battery vendors. The GlobeTrotter Cabinets are advanced cabinets that provide shock attenuated abilities and allows IT equipment to be pre-installed.

The Distribution Cabinet takes power from your UPS system and supplies it to your IT racks and is available in three sizes to match your IT load. The Cisco Nexus Switch Rack offers a clever design that allows compliant cooling.

Many of our enclosure racks come with the option of being supplied assembled or in a flat pack form.