Cannon Virtual

The easy-to-use Cabinet Configurator from Cannon Technologies


Cannon Virtual

With ever increasing demand for complex IT infrastructure, Cannon Virtual takes the hard work out of designing your particular cabinet or rack requirments and allows quick and easy draw configuration with auto component identity and BOM (Bill of Materials)

Cannon Virtual provides you with the ability to populate a cabinets with a multitude of standard accessories generally found within a data center or communications cabinet. All Cannon accessories found within the latest catalogue can be virtually fitted into the cabinet allowing you to determine space availability and compatibility between different accessories. Also available is the facility to fit custom items defined with your own parameters.

When you have finished, the cabinet drawing and parts list can be saved, printed for reference or e-mailed directly to Cannon for an immediate quote and faster delivery of custom-build cabinets

The configurator can be used on our Server Smart and Smart Net range.



  • Invaluable for IT infrastructure design - perfect for designing and validation

  • Instant virtualisation - create a virtual rack in minutes, view all elevations

  • Interactive rack populating - supports drag 'n' drop accessories

  • Automatic parts list generation

  • Provides high quality, fully configured drawings - can enhance technical submissions

  • Quotes - price estimation is now simplified


System Requirements

Operating System

  • Windows 2003 / Vista / Windows 7, 8 & 8.1


  • Intel or AMD processor (1GHz or faster)

  • At least 512 MB RAM



Cannon Virtual is a FREE downloadable program for your desktop.