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Outdoor Cabinet Considerations

“I want it to just … work” - is something that we commonly hear. 

This is often the case with bespoke and specialist engineering, it’s primary purpose is to do what it was engineered to do, and not a lot else. This is why we have gone to such great lengths to make our outdoor cabinets, both roadside and trackside, as simple and reliable as we could. 


Trackside cabinets are always up against it - left out in the open for years, at risk of vandalism and inclement weather. This must be of primary concern from anyone looking to invest in trackside cabinet infrastructure. After all, the cabinet is just as important as the sensitive components inside it. 

Any downtime can have enormous repercussions to the service - particularly in the rail industry where time constraints are so tight. As outdoor cabinets are at risk from the elements and possible vandalism - it’s important that the infrastructure you invest in has been meticulously impact tested, as well as vibration, panel rigidity and strength of doors and locks. 

There’s also then the environmental factors, where the cabinet must be able to protect from changes in condensation, dust, paint adhesion, EMC shielding and thermal management. 


Cannon outdoor cabinets are rated with up to IP65 sealing, corrosion resistance, thermal management and protection from vandalism and graffiti. This means that they can achieve an incredible life expectancy of up to 25 years, with the flexibility to freely change and upgrade the components inside. 

Outdoor cabinets can save a business thousands against pre-fabricated buildings and shelters - whilst still allowing all of the same thermal management, backups and accessibility. This isn’t just a direct cost of the building - but the labour to staff it and operational expense to keep it running.

At the end of the day, requirements should be quite simple for your trackside cabinet needs. They serve a simple yet vital purpose in protecting the key components inside. Cannon outdoor cabinets can be made to specification, keeping you safe in the knowledge that your cabinets will do the job, and do the job well. 

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