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5 Reasons Why Globe Trotter is World's No1

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Cannon Technologies is the international leader in IT infrastructure systems and their latest development is the Cannon Globe Trotter modular data centre. Here are 5 great reasons why it’s the best in the world:

1. Globe Trotter has been designed for use in the world’s most inhospitable environments. Extreme temperatures ranging from 58°C down to -46C° and the indoor climate stays perfectly stable.

2. Can be fitted with Cannon Technologies’ patented “Soft Ride” shock absorption frames which not only protect sensitive electronic hardware, but can also trigger remote alert in the event of seismic activity.

3. Globe Trotter has a low power usage effectiveness (PUE) This is possible due to the direct expansion cooling systems (DX Technology) Quick, easy fit cooling modules can have your system up and running within minutes of transport.

4. Uses full size 19 inch cabinets and aisles and comes fitted with power, cabling containment and cable management. Typical power density ranges from 4 to 6kW per rack although higher densities are available

5. Available in 12 footprints from 80 to 900 sq feet with 2 to 38 cabinets within and up to 200kW at n.


For more information on how Cannon Globe Trotter can protect and preserve your data systems contact the Cannon Sales Team now.

Mark Hirst of Cannon Technologies has made a 2 minute video in order that you can see for yourself the quality and build of our Globe Trotter range.



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