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2015 - A Year of Data?

2014 was a big year for the technology industry. A lot of tech found its feet, such as cloud computing and smart technologies becoming commercial successes.

Early adoption by the consumer is being used as de facto testing for enterprises, identifying the user benefits and applying it to the workplace.

We live in an ultra-connected world, resulting in huge amounts of data needing to be computed and stored ­ even for just an individual. When you begin applying smart and remote technologies to the enterprise with hundreds or even thousands of employees, clients and systems, the figures become somewhat unnerving.

Internet map 1024

Connectivity is going to be a common term in regards to technology in 2015, with the ever-growing actuality of the Internet of Things ­ constantly gathering and processing data on our habits and health.

We are a generation of people who want to know everything ­ ever dependant on instant aggregated data. To keep up with this, many businesses are having to move very quickly, answering the questions:


What do we need and when do we need it by?


In 2014, IDC reports that roughly 1/3 of the costs businesses spent on storage were in the cloud, and this statistic is set to riseconsiderably.

Img 51614 critical-data-centre-at-uni-of-hertfordshire


The notion of scalability must be at the front of any technology investment for your business.


Facebook is a great example of a company that is growing so quickly that they’ve had to change the entire architecture of their networks to keep up with the demand. The infrastructure is built to be extremely efficient, yet expandable. Data is evenly spread across the entire network, instead of letting servers remain idle when not in use. 

2015 isn’t likely to be a “eureka” year for technology, but more of a steady maturing of what we already have. Hadoop (the framework for efficiently processing and storing huge amounts of data) will be ironed out, whilst our experience with current cloud and smart systems will allow for a gentle and organic transition into what will eventually become a mature data ecosystem.

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This access to knowledge and information by everyone will hugely increase company transparency, allowing employees to feel further integrated and involved with the successes of the business.

IT and data infrastructure has become so important that companies such as ourselves at Cannon Technologies have become key business partners instead of just playing a supporting role.

Of course these are just predictions, but the current growth rates of data technologies are pointing towards a bright 2015.


Is your business ready for the data revolution? 

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