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Within Row Cooling: (WIRC) Units

wirc10Cannon Water Cooling solutions work on the air to water heat exchanger principle:- Warm air from a cabinet, room or aisle is forced through a heat exchanger fan coil by high efficiency fans.




The heat exchanger has chilled water at between 7º and 20ºC circulating within it’s coil, the chilled water is supplied by an external main system water chiller(s) (not included). The heat in the warm air will naturally dissipate into the fins of the coil as they are colder than the air, by this process the heat is ‘exchanged’ with the cold water circulating counter currently in the coil.

The now cold air is carried out of the coil and blown into the cold aisle or cabinet. The water that has been warmed by the heat exchanger coil is returned to the main system chiller loop though a variable flow control valve (optional automatic). Performance of the system is dependant on many climatic and environmental conditions:-

The Computer room should be sealed from outside heat sources and fresh air minimised within reason. Any open spaces to the sides of the 19-inch racks should be blanked and all wiring taken to the sides of equipment to keep the airways to and from the equipment fans open. The equipment within the the cabinet rack spaces should have it’s airflow maximised. All unused rack space should be blanked off.

Cannon computer rack cabinet/aisle water cooling systems are not traditional air conditioners, they do not regulate humidity. In humid atmospheres they will remove water vapour and condensate when the humidity level is high. The condensate drain should be run to a normal gravity drain sump. An optional condensate pump may be fitted if required. In some situations the room humidity may be too low, and static electricity may cause a hazard to persons and equipment. The climate inside a data centre should meet the standards set by ASHRAE. For further details visit the Cannon website.

Cannon equipment is designed and built to comply with BS EN60950 and the low voltage directive/SELV where appropriate. Any installations must meet local building and electrical supply regulations where applicable.



Cannon WIRC Control Module

  • Controlling upto 6 PWM, Low noise, high capacity radial blower fans 3000cfm (5100 m3/h) total air flow
  • Varies the speed of the fans and optionally the water flow through the system dependent on heat load, this ensures optimal conditions and maximum cooling efficiency
  • 16 x temperature sensor inputs, 4 each side of the heat exchanger, 4 water and 4 customer configured all viewable on the display
  • 1 x humidity sensor input with remote monitoring via 
  • Cannon T4 Data Centre Manager and SNMP
  • 4 x dry alarm relay outputs (1A @ 30Vdc)
  • Over temperature alarms on cabinet Highline display or via 
  • Cannon T4 Data Centre Manager and SNMP
  • Fan & Sensor fail alarms on cabinet or Cannon T4 Data Centre 
  • Manager and SNMP
  • Class II SELV Power isolation

Cannon Variable Cooling Fan Unit

  • 6 Fans in each WithIn Row Cooling Unit
  • Hot Swappable 48v DC PWM Fan Units
  • Soft Start: The motor is fitted with a soft start feature to prevent current surges being drawn from the power supply
  • Variable Speed: The fan is fitted with a control circuit which varies the speed of the motor dependant upon temperature
  • Overcurrent & Lock-rotor protection: The motor is designed to self protect in the event of an overcurrent condition which might cause damage
  • Low Noise Radial blower fan system noise level at normal running conditions are 70db'A'

Water Connection

  • 1-inch full bore shut valve as standard on flow & return
  • Customer supply: Return connection 1" BSPm manual flow control valve full bore & meter.Flow connection 1" bspm shut valve full bore
  • Condensate Pump max flow rate 20 l/h,max discharge head 
  • 6m supplied with 3m 11mm o/d 8mm I/D pvc tube
  • Optional flexible hose 3m st/st braided 1-inch (32mm o/d) full bore with 1-inch BSPf for connection to chilled water supply flow and return
  • Optional: Automatic flow control/by-pass valve & leak detection/shut down

Order Codes

Order Codes

WithIn Row Cooling Unit 


Order Code

WithIn Row Cooling Unit 42U x 200w x 1000d 30KW WIRC42209930KW


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