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Cannon UPSThe Cannon UPS distribution centre is the perfect solution to take power from your UPS system and supply it to your IT racks.  Designed specifically for Cannon T4 solutions the UPS distribution centre is available in 3 sizes to match your IT load.



  • Built in “wraparound” service bypass for the UPS. [ups]
  • Main input breaker
  • Digital multi meter
  • Output breakers for each IT rack
  • Incoming/Outgoing Termination Points For UPS & Mains Supplies(Located at Bottom of the Panel)
  • All Outgoing Circuits Wired To Terminals at the Top of the Assembly.
  • Mounting device on By-Pass Switch for Fitting of Castell K-Bolt interlocking system.
  • Pre-fabricated Steel assembly
  • All Engraved Labeling



  • 50 KVA Distribution Centre
  • 125A 4+8Pole Socomec Overlapping By-Pass Switch C/W External Operating Handle.
  • 1No. 16Way TPN Merlin Gerin Isobar Pan Assembly Unit
  • 10No. 20A D.P Outgoing MCB's
  • 1No. 100A T.P Merlin Gerin 36kA MCCB C/W 80A TM Trip Unit  [ups 1]
  • 1No. 100/5A 3Way CT
  • 1No. Set of CT Shorting Links
  • 1No. Socomec Diris A10 Din Mounted Digital Multi-Meter
  • 1No. T.P 2A MCB (Instrument Supply)
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