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The Government Apprentice Scheme.

Apprentice SALES

Cannon Technologies are delighted to be involved in the Central Government’s new initiative designed to get local youngsters into paid work.

The scheme enables people aged between 16 and 19 to train in the workplace for a variety of roles which it’s hoped will eventually lead to full time employment. The scheme is open to everyone aged over 16 who is not in full-time education.

Trainees work alongside their trained colleagues learning from direct experience how the business works and where best they might fit in. Apprentices are paid as they learn and can progress through the ranks in accordance with how they perform.

Cannon Technologies’ latest apprentice is Bradley Obbard from New Milton. Bradley is enthusiastic about what lies ahead:

“Everyone here is very supportive and only wants the best for you and to produce the best from you, I couldn’t have asked for a better placement.”

Nathan Grimley from Lymington feels the same:

“We've joined a great team of people who really do care about getting you to be the best you can. It's quite a privilege to have been accepted into the Cannon family and being given the chance to prove ourselves.”

Another new Cannon Technologies’ Apprentice is Bradley Kirby. Bradley prefers the hands-on challenge of manufacture. He says he loves the buzz of the workplace:

“Working with Cannon Technologies is the ideal introduction to work. It’s great to be making something so useful.”

Cannon Technologies MD Matthew Goulding feels the relationships forged can benefit everyone involved:

“As a forward thinking company, we are keen to get involved with any scheme involving the cultivation of young talent. The fact that that these young people are so enthusiastic about learning the business generates a really positive atmosphere.”

Apprentice PROD

Click here to get involved with the Government’s Apprenticeship Scheme.

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