Smart Net Cabinets

Cannon Smart Net CabA stylish, cost effective and secure glass-fronted enclosure for network equipment and cabling.

Smart Net is available in assembled or flat packed form.



  • Rugged Steel Construction
  • Suppliedd with swing-handle lock 
  • Quick-release hinges on all doors
  • Roof has large capacity cable glands situated at the rear on both sides
  • Cable glands are designed to allow roof panel removal, even when enclosure is fully wired
  • Roof panel is removable for flood wiring
  • Maximum cable access through base
  • Four transit castors supplied fitted

Options and Upgrades

  • Various types of front and rear doors available
  • Roof mounted fan unit available (2 or 4 fans)
  • Power Distribution Units
  • RAFt and Raceway compatible
  • Full range of shelving and cable management
  • For high heat loads see ServerSmart Cab and CoolCab
  • Smart Trim for doors and side panel available in a variety of colours



  • Heights: 25U, 33U, 42U, 45U, 47U
  • Widths: 600mm, 800mm
  • Depths: 600mm, 800mm
  • Four infinitely adjustable 19-inch mounting posts allowing universal server mounting
  • Two drop-in ribbed and lockable side panels
  • Single key operates side panel and door locks (non-locking versions available)
  • Front Door: Vented frame glass panel, supplied with swing handle lock
  • Rear Door: Inset plain steel panel, supplied with cylinder lock
  • Four transit castors fitted
  • Powder painted Velvet Black to RAL 9005. Other colours available on request.



"U" Height

Overall Height (mm)

Overall Height (mm) on Castors/Feet

25U 1232mm 1302mm
33U 1587mm 1657mm
42U 1987mm 2057mm
45U 2121mm 2191mm
47U 2210mm 2280mm


Cabinet Width

Overall Width

600mm 600mm
800mm 800mm


Cabinet Depth

Overall (External) Depth

600mm 645mm
800mm 845mm
  • Please Note: The front door is 45mm deep on a Smart Net Cabinet adding 45mm to the overall external depth of the cabinet.

"U" Height Calculation: 1U = 44.45mm

Order Codes

Order Codes

600mm wide x 600mm deep


Order Code


25U CABN256060 76kgs
33U CABN336060 82kgs
42U CABN426060 90kgs
45U CABN456060 100kgs
47U CABN476060 110kgs

600mm wide x 800mm deep

Height Order Code Weight
25U CABN256080 76kgs
33U CABN336080 82kgs
42U CABN426080 90kgs
45U CABN456080 100kgs
47U CABN476080 110kgs

800mm wide x 600mm deep

Height Order Code Weight
25U CABN258060 76kgs
33U CABN338060 82kgs
42U CABN428060 90kgs
45U CABN458060 100kgs
47U CABN478060 110kgs

800mm wide x 800mm deep


Order Code


25U CABN258080 85kgs
33U CABN338080 90kgs
42U CABN428080 106kgs
45U CABN458080 115kgs
47U CABN478080 120kgs

Smart Net Roof Mounted Fan Tray

Number of Fans

Order Code

2 Fan 135E01424202
4 Fan 135E01424204
6 Fan 135E01424206

Case Studies


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