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Outdoor Cabinets for Surveillance & Security

xtremeCannon provide Surveillance and Security system providers with indoor and outdoor cabinets to protect valuable and vunerable equipment from the risk of damage by theft, vandalism or failure due to incorrect thermal operating conditions.

Examples of market sectors covered include:

  • Government and Defence
  • Transportation i.e. SISS for Rail, CCTV for Road
  • Oil & Gas Fields
  • Major Events - Sports venues, Olympic stadiums
  • Data Centres

Product Range

Cannon has an extensive range of outdoor roadside & trackside enclosure systems for the transportation and communications markets, these include:

  • SISS / CIS up to IP65 outdoor cabinets, indoor racks/cabinets & enclosures
  • DVR, Communications, routing and switching equipment with up to IP65 protection
  • Thermal management via natural convection, filtered fan, heat exchanger, Air-conditioner, Peltier devices etc.
  • XTREME outdoor cabinet for protection of sensitive electronics equipment within location of high heat, humidity..

Products can also be manufactured to meet clients precise requirements.