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Retro Fit Aisle Cocooning

Cannon Aisle Cocoon retro-fitted to non-Cannon racksCannon Retro-Fit Aisle Cocooning is simple and easy to install, providing the same benefits when fitted to a Cannon cabinet as it does to those produced by other manufacturers.

Cannon Aisle Cocooning can be retro-fitted to other manufacturers cabinet ranges for full Cold Aisle Containment.



  • Cannon installations across Europe have seen an improvement in cool air flow by 30% to 40.
  • Cannon recommend a full site survey by a qualified Cannon Engineer.
  • Prior to installation to ensure comprehensive design and manufacture of all special bracketry required for any row or room specific anomalies that would otherwise reduce the effectiveness of an Aisle Cocoon
  • Aisle-Cocooning retrofit service for any installed cabinet range. Special adaptor kits can be provided where non-Cannon enclosures are required to be included in Cannon enclosure bays with Aisle-Cocooning.

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