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Outdoor Cabinets for the Transportation - Rail Industry


Most of Network Rail’s infrastructure predominantly utilise Cannon Technologies outdoor integrated solutions, these include SISS, CIS, FTN, GSM-R communications and network systems .

Cannon Technologies have demonstrated themselves in the arena of rail technology by gaining PADS approval for many of our products. We have also been actively involved in the GSM-R, FTN, FTNx, SISS/CIS projects helping to provide a safer & more reliable mode of transport for the future.

Product Range

Cannon has an extensive range of outdoor roadside & trackside enclosure systems for the transportation and communications markets, these include:

  • FTN – Copper/Fibre Optic Passive & Active Cabinets
  • SISS / CIS up to IP65 outdoor cabinets & enclosures
  • Communications, routing and switching equipment up to IP65 protection
  • Telecommunications Cabinets
  • Trackside Signalling LOC/Apparatus Cabinets
  • Station-side Active Cabinets
  • Termination Boxes
  • C & OC Type Cabinets (for Optic and Copper cable termination)

Products can also be manufactured to meet clients precise requirements.