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Powerful, Rugged and Ready for Anything. A "Go Anywhere" Modular Data Centre

CT 52Cannon Technologies is always at the forefront of new thinking. Their latest innovation, “The  Cannon Globe Trotter” is a fully transportable modular data centre, capable of dealing with the most demanding of environments.

Managing Director Matt Goulding explains:

“We recognised the need for a data centre which can be instantly transported to even the most hostile of terrains. While the exterior of the module can withstand extremes of temperature and even seismic activity, our interior “Soft-Ride” shock absorption frames are specifically designed to protect and preserve the data hardware they house.”

The Cannon Globetrotter has pre-configured remote controlled climate control systems which can deal with temperatures ranging from 58°C to minus 46°C. The quick fit external cooling modules mean the system can be operational within an hour whether in Arctic, desert or marine conditions. Remote monitoring can trigger alarms of extreme or seismic activity.

Cannon Technologies will supply modules with pre-installed servers, switches, modular or fixed uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, LED lighting and power distribution units (PDUs) with N+1 redundancy. The power density of an installed system will usually be 4kW to 6kW per rack, with higher densities also available.

Matt Goulding continues: “Our shock absorption system allows the Cannon Globe Trotter to be transported as a fully functional pre-configured data centre. This means there is no need for specialist technicians to accompany the transport. The rugged, yet ultimately sensitive design means fully functional data centres can be installed at any location within minutes.”

For more Information on how the Cannon Globe Trotter can preserve your data intact contact Cannon Technologies Specialist Sales Team.

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