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Network switch cabinet

A network switch cabinet is designed to hold and protect your network switch equipment that enables you to create or expand your Ethernet network between your computers. These can be used for the storage of routers, patch panels, switches and a variety of networking equipment and accessories.

Network switch cabinets are designed as a smaller unit compared to server rack cabinets as they are required to hold less equipment. Our range of network switch cabinets are an enclosed unit that helps protect the equipment inside them from particles and external matter. Generally, network switch cabinets do not contain perforated or vented panels as the equipment held inside them is not prone to overheating like server equipment and fan units are not required.

There are various network switch cabinets available as each business may have differing requirements for their equipment and the location that is stored in may require a different solution. This why we offer a range of options which includes our wall mountable cabinets.

Our wall mountable cabinets are designed to be a compact but secure solution where floor mounting solutions are inappropriate as the floor needs to be kept clear. The wall-mounted cabinets offer a range of options including fixed sides, removable sides and hinged sides to meet the location and access needs to your equipment. These wall mounted units are 600mm wide, 400mm deep and come in a choice of six different heights ranging from 375mm to 1,042mm. Each of the wall-mounted units has two fixed side panels and two fixed 10-inch mounting posts. We offer a choice of front door options which include acrylic glass, steel or maxi-vent mesh which are supplied with a cylinder lock. We offer a range of option and upgrades on these products including adding shelves, Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and a choice of colour.

We also offer a range of IP Rated products which includes a wall-mounted box that offers a high degree of protection against water and particle invasion. The Cannon IP Rated Wall Mounted Boxes are stylishly finished in black velvet and other colours options are available on request. These mounted boxes are created from a robust steel construction that has two fixed side panels, two fixed 19-inch mounting posts and a steel base. The cabinets also feature a steel-framed glass front door complete with a cylindrical lock. As with all of our range we offer a range of accessories that can customise your cabinet to meet your exact needs.

Our range of network switch cabinets has been designed with practicalities in mind which is why we have made them flexible and versatile cabinets that can be tailored to meet your needs. These practical cabinets are attractively designed as they are often found in more public or employee facing areas and therefore we understand that having an attractive cabinet can be just as important as their practicalities.

Take a look at our range of network switch cabinets and get in touch if you have any questions.

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