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Modular Data Centre Halls for Interior Use

Cannon MDC

Investors can now, with the latest technology, dramatically cut up front investment when fitting out shell buildings as high performance Data Centres.

A unique solution by Cannon enables phased fit out, using their Granular Modular Data Centres (MDC’s).


Features and Benefits

The Cannon T4 MDC provides pre-engineered Modular Data Centers, which can be of any size and which are rapidly erected and equipped, ready for quick commissioning by clients. Eight to twelve weeks is typical.

All power, cooling and other needs are included for turnkey readiness. This is a cutting edge solution boasting multiple international awards and deployed in outdoor environments in some of the most challenging extremes around the world. So it provides high levels of physical security as well as leading levels of efficiency and operational resilience. Tier 3 or Tier 4 is available as standard.

Uniquely, no cranes or heavy construction equipment is required for the build. A world first.

All components are precision, hand carried items. This simplifies the whole process of fitting out the shell building, as access through small or difficult access points poses no problem. Transport to sites with difficult access is easy. Often a distinct advantage.

Only hand tools are used during the build process, so there is no disturbance to occupiers of other facilities within the building, or in the vicinity. This is an immense benefit to teams operating live Data Centres where noise and disruption is unacceptable. The MDC Pods can be deployed in any size to suit the specific requirements of the investor or the occupying client.

Typically, fifty Rack pods are adopted, but any size is achievable, just as easily. The MDC Pods can also be expanded if required.

Single Level or Stacked Options

If extreme density of building exploitation is desired, and if local power availability is adequate, the Cannon MDC Pods can be stacked two high. Even joggled floor plans pose no problem as the granular size of the components make for easy fit out of fussy floor space. Obstacles such as columns can be worked around or incorporated into Pods.

Data Halls within each MDC can, if desired, be augmented by additional special purpose rooms for Network Control Centers, secure entry vestibules and people traps, offices etc. Returning an investment building to its original clear space status is easy, quick and inexpensive as the Cannon MDC is quickly disassembled when necessary, for re-deployment elsewhere. So the MDC investment continues as a valuable asset, which can be re used or sold.

Spare land can also be populated with externally deployed Cannon MDC's to fully maximise the financial return on capital employed. The operational infrastructure within the MDC is state of the art, and is identical to the infrastructure equipping some of the world’s mission critical, and most advanced operations around the world.

The Cannon T4 Modular Data Centre is the result of almost forty years of applicable experience. The solution has steadily evolved and developed, keeping abreast of emerging technologies to arrive today at the pinnacle of the Data Centre world.

The solution enables investors to avoid big bang up front expenditure, by pacing investment in line with adopted space in the Data Centre. This removes the painful downside of investment caused by underutilised and expensively equipped Data Center space. A scenario which more often than not occurs.


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