GlobeTrotter Cabinets

Cannon Globe TrotterThe Globe Trotter Cabinet is an advanced cabinet with shock attenuated abilities. Newly patented 19” Shock absorption frames within Racks, protecting differing equipment weights, so individual Rack protection against high ‘G’ Shock is achieved, not affected by other rack loads. Enables ‘IT’ equipment to be pre-installed and not delayed by installations at location.



  • Inner frame connected to corner posts via shock attenuated mounts
  • Available in 2 and 3 frame versions



Lower Loading

  • 12 Shock Attenuated Mounts
  • Fitted: 280kg Max Weight Load

Upper Loading

  • 12 Shock Attenuated Mounts
  • Fitted: 400kg Max Weight Load

Note: Inner frame load of 80kg has been minused


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