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GMDC Modular Data Centre Exterior Use

unit17A high performance Modular Data Centre of any size, with unrestricted floor plans. Requires no cranage as precision components allow manual assembly. Overcomes difficult site access and logistics challenges.


Features and Benefits

  • Low PUE, Free Cooling
  • Granular scalability, maximum layout flexibility
  • Man-portable construction components
  • Any size from a few racks to hundreds of racks
  • High level physical security (SEAP 3)
  • Fire resistant Rockwool panel cores
  • Raised floor, accommodates piping and power options
  • Overhead raceway, contains data cabling and power
  • Medium to high density power and cooling
  • High resilience, Tier 3 and Tier 4
  • Data Halls
  • Work Rooms
  • People space
  • Entry traps
  • Cannon DCM remote control and alarms


  • Any size, Any shape, Anywhere 
  • Cooling solutions:
  • Integrated WithIn Row Cooling ­ Water or DX 
  • Traditional CRAC or Eco type wall edge cooling 
  • Water chillers, M&E, installation 
  • Leak detection 
  • Power solutions:
  • Integrated UPS, batteries in aisle or room edge 
  • Power Distribution Units, Cabling containment
  • Static or rotary UPS systems available 
  • Cabling infrastructure and containment 
  • Fully configured network solutions (Including servers) 
  • Fire protection systems: gas, water sprinkler or combination to suit the area of deployment 
  • Cabinet and aisle environmental monitoring 
  • Green lighting systems: occupancy and LED
  • Remote monitoring using Cannon T4 Data Centre 
  • Manager (DCM):
  • Environmental 
  • Power & alarms
  • Access security 
  • Cooling & PUE 
  • Rack: biometric or pin code entry, remote alarms, multiple temperature sensors and more 
  • Access ramps. Loading areas and steps
  • Multiple wide doors: optional electrical operation  

State of the Art Cooling Technology

Cannon Data Campus operates with advanced cooling technology, which combines two cutting edge, highly efficient systems to provide optimised PUE.

Economical Free Cooling Chillers

Draws maximum free cooling benefit from available ambient air, reducing chiller run time and saving energy consumption.

Cannon Cool WithIn Row Cooling Units

Cannon Cool WithIn Row Cooling (WIRC) Units substantially improve cooling efficiency within the Data Hall, benefiting from the close coupled air flow which avoids the need for long ducting runs or the large powerful fan systems normally required to move air through complex ducting, over extended distance.

Space is also saved by the avoidance of large ducting systems, or air plenums.

IT Equipment is Not Physically Contaminated

Importantly, ambient fresh air is used for Free Cooling but this external air is not required to enter the Data Hall, therefore no contamination by poor quality external air of sensitive server and switch equipment is possible.

This hygienic feature prolongs the life of mission critical IT infrastructure and reinforces resilience; an invaluable benefit.

Smart Control

Multiple sensors give constant feedback to Cannon Data Centre Manager (DCM), enabling continuous real time system management ensuring ultimate efficiency under all operating conditions and instant response to demand.




  • Weatherproof galvanised powder coated steel for long life 
  • Non-combustible materials used throughout
  • Thick insulated walls to cope with extremes of temperature 


  • Simple concrete slab 
  • No foundations - Car park, hangar, warehouse floor, etc 

White Space

  • Well lit and airy working environment 
  • Easy integration of third party racks and equipment 
  • Office, NOC, Air Lock entry space(s) available 

Racks / Cabinets 

  • Various “U” heights, sizes, colours
  • Data Centre Managed systems 
  • Access / Security / CCTV  
  • Power control 
  • Environmental Monitoring  
  • Full range of rack accessories including air management 

Site Assembly 

  • Assembled using hand tools, no wet trades or hot works 
  • Rapid construction and availability
  • Site construction service available worldwide 
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