Free Form Cocooning

Cannon Free Form CocooningFree Form® provides unprecedented freedom to execute moves and changes and facilitates the swap out of complete racks, in a live, fully operational data centre. This capability saves enormous cost and time. The ground breaking Free Form® Solution enables facility management to roll racks into or out of an operational row, at any position along the row. Quick, cabinet / rack change-over is easily achieved. Pre-configured racks can be introduced in a minute fraction of the time usually taken up with such a task. Importantly, there is no disturbance to overhead infrastructure such as containment for power and data cabling or Aisle Cocooning panels. All of this critical infrastructure is carried on full span Cannon Free Form® edge beams which run along the full length of the row independent of the racks. There is no limit to the row length.

Free Form® reduces Data centre build cost and reduces up front planning and design time. In addition important financial savings occur during daily operation of the data centre. Moves and changes are achieved with much reduced complexity and enhanced speed, whilst Cold Aisle, Hot Aisle air separation is preserved by the Free Form® Aisle Cocooning infrastructure.



  • Free form Aisle Cocooning enables an installed rack to be removed from a row of racks, quickly and easily - within just a few minutes
  • There is no disturbance to the Aisle Cocooning infrastructure which remains in place and functional
  • All rack mounted cable raceway also remains undisturbed
  • Replacement racks can be introduced into the row with similar ease
  • Non-Cannon racks or OEM equipment racks can also be added to or removed from the row, allowing for extreme versatility
  • All Cannon Aisle Cocooning features and benefits are maintained
  • Achieves cost-effective cabling containment and air-flow in one integrated system

Design Principles

  • The edge beam which supports the overhead cocooning panels of the aisle is a full end-to-end beam, not individually dedicated to any one rack. It is substantially fixed at each end to the aisle end frame and end rack.
  • To adjust the edge beam - taking out any slight downward deflection, simple small support jacks can be positioned anywhere along the edge beam. These small support jacks can be positioned wherever a convenient surface exists, on a rack roof, easily fitting in clear space between glands, vents etc.
  • Intermediate support jacks can be quickly disengaged to allow removal of the required racks. The still edge beam design enables the edge beam to span vacant rack-pockets between the fixed end racks in the aisle. Temporary panels can close off vacant rack pockets, until racks are introduced
  • The Cannon cable raceway is also designed to span vacant rack-pockets
  • Quickly adjustable closure panels cover the small vertical space between the edge beam and the rack roof
  • Where an installation is fed with downward flowing cold air from the ceiling, the vertical closure panels can be of a type which extend upwards to meet the ceiling, to separate the Cold Aisle and Hot Aisle air flow. 
  • All of the usual Active or Passive Aisle Cocooning features are maintained with the Cannon Free Form Aisle Cocooning system.
  • Where old rack installations exist, even with mixed rack types and sizes - the Cannon Free Form Aisle Cocooning system provides a cost effective retrofit Aisle Cocooning solution.
  • It is good practice to restrict any open span in the row to the rack widths e.g 3 x 800mm cabinets = 2400mm or four rack widths e.g 4 x 600mm cabinets = 2400mm.


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