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Don't Miss Our "Always Right Size Data Center" Presentation

glenn-colonCannon Technologies is proud to announce that our upcoming speaker slot at the DCS summit will be hosted by Glenn Conlon. His presentation, called "Always Right Size Data Center" will be held on the 10th February, 2:30pm at the Barbican Exhibition Centre.






Below is a synopsis of his presentation:

"A modular data center system (MDCS) is an alternative to the traditional data center.

Modular data systems is the emerging infrastructure approach that allows a building block approach; it grows along with the client’s requirements and is designed with more efficient energy usage in mind. We explore the various form factors and construction available, the use of purpose-engineered modules and how it is possible to scale capacity for IT Equipment, power and cooling.

The MDCS is designed for rapid deployment, energy efficiency and high-density computing to deliver data center capacity at a lower cost than traditional construction methods, and significantly reduces the construction time from years to a matter of months. MDCS is a real solution for short to long term requirements, provide an alternative when financial or planning constraints negate traditional construction methods and reduce CAPEX & OPEX."

UWS-A001 500-2

If you are thinking of attending Data Centre Summit South then please visit us on Stand 21 to meet both Glenn Conlon and Mark Hirst giving you the opportunity to discuss our Award winning, Innovative Data Center Solutions.

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