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Datacentre Load Bank 11/22kW Floor standing

cannon heat load 1A new datacentre is designed and expected to run continuously for the duration of it’s design life. To achieve this level of reliability it is necessary to thoroughly test the infrastructure before it goes into production. It is necessary to mimic the characteristics of the IT equipment as closely as possible.

Using servers to complete the tests is not practical for a variety of reasons; cost of filling the datacentre with servers, potential for damage to IT equipment and the time to reset servers after each test.


Features and Benefits

The safest and most economic way is to use a heat load bank; this provides electrical load and produces a heat load. These loads allow the testing of the electrical and cooling systems in a controlled environment.

The intended us of the datacentre may be all rack mounted, all floor standing or a mixed IT load. The racks may not be installed until after testing completes. Floor standing units are ideal in this type of environment.

Units can be supplied on a rental only service or a fully managed service where Mafi Mushkila will install, manage the load banks for the duration of the testing and de-install at the end of the test.



  • Input: 400v 50Hz 3-Phase
  • Connection: 32Amp 5-pin 3-Phase
  • Operating Current: 3 x 32Amp
  • Heater Power: 11kW/22kW (switched)
  • Kcal/h: 9,460/18,920
  • Volume Airflow: 2,200 m3/hour
  • Internal Thermostat: 35°C


  • Power Cord: 3m
  • Height: 67cm
  • Width: 59cm
  • Depth: 52cm
  • Weight: 24kg
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