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Data Centre Infrastructure

Cannon Technologies Ltd offers a variety of data centre infrastructure products that can help make your data centres run more effectively and efficiently. We can help you to design a tailor-made solution through our fully managed, turnkey data centre solution with our highly experienced team. We will take the time to understand your needs and create a data centre infrastructure that meets your needs and is flexible to expand with you.

We offer a range of hot and cold aisle containment products that can help improve efficiency. Cold aisle containment can especially improve efficiency because it enables a faster response to a sudden increase in heat. Cold aisle containment products also hold the cold air contained within the server inlet zone and do not allow it to escape whereas hot aisle containment allows cold air to spill out which can reduce efficiency and consume more energy.

Our range of hot and cold aisle containment products includes aisle cocooning which provides segregation of a cold aisle with airflow that prevents the contamination of hot air exhausted from the equipment.

Free form cocooning is a flexible cocooning product that can be easily put in place and moved which makes them a cost-effective product that can also save time. Vertical aisle cocooning provides efficient down or up flow cooling airflow in vertical airflow configurations. Retrofit aisle cocooning is an easy to install solution that can be fitted retrospectively to Cannon Technology products and other manufacturers cabinets.

We also offer chimney cabinets that cocoon the hot exhaust air via an adjustable telescopic designed vertical chimney from one or more racks into the ceiling plenum. We offer liquid cooling solutions and within row cooling (WIRC) units that work on the air to water heat exchanger principle to cool the air.

Our data centre infrastructure products are designed to be modular so that you can build on your infrastructure and design as and when needed as your business grows up. One example of this is our modular data centre halls for interior use as they can drastically cut the upfront investment required when fitting out shell buildings as a data centre.

Other useful products for data centres include cable raceways that provide a secure cable transport system to keep cables tidied away and they can be rack-mounted to avoid the need for ceiling hung trays. RAFt installation frames are also a useful product that is used under cabinets in raised floor installations.

Our products are designed to be flexible and modular so that they can be easily mixed and matched to create the optimum solution. Many of our products will also work with other brands. Whatever your needs we can help you to create a data centre that will meet your requirements and can grow with you and adapt when needed.

Get in touch with us and have a discussion with one of our team of experts who have a wealth of experience in delivering a wide variety of data centre infrastructure solutions for a range of clients.

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