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Data Campus System Multi Floor / Hybrid

Cannon Data Campus

A multi awarded rapidly deployed Data Centre of modular form facilitating graduated, affordable growth Unparalleled ease of scalability and flexibility combined with extreme efficiency.



  • 100 Kw growing to multi mega watt
  • Low Pue, free cooling
  • Eco Friendly, green credentials
  • Small, expanding to large space capacity
  • Ground breaking value for money
  • State of the art efficiency
  • High resilience, to tier 4   
  • Rapid deployment



Synchronise Growth With Cash Flow

  • Small scale initial investment, 
  • Combines with an easy expansion capability
  • In low cost phases, to match cash availability
  • The Modular advantages are matched by sector leading performance which enhances the financial ratios of the business

Site Exploitation

  • Unparalleled opportunity for site maximisation is provided by flexible floor plans and variable geometry

Stacked Data Hall Capability Enhances Options

  • Double Site Capacity
  • Exploit Spare Power Resources
  • Enable Vertical Expansion for Hosted Clients

High Ratio of Productive Space

  • Efficient Floor Plans Avoid Wasted Space
  • Investment Is Focussed On Productivity
  • Dead Investment Is Minimised

A Modern, Positive Investment Model

  • Offers a far better business proposition
  • Lowers capital expenditure
  • Enables phased investment
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Enhances return on capital employed
  • Reduces investment downside dangers

A State of the Art Data Centre

  • Enhanced by Cutting Edge, globally proven infrastructure, to maximise all aspects of operational efficiency

Big Campus Architecture

Architecturally advanced with attractive enhancements. Additional sophistication and High Tech Park appeal can be boosted by additional architectural detail. Cutting edged performance can be complimented by eye catching features.

These include:-

  • Attractive pitched roofs
  • External wall cladding panels with differing surface treatment and colours
  • External features to enhance eye appeal of the main entrance to the Data Centre

Cost effective and attractive, these enhancements add that special quality, easing planning consent and in particular introducing elevated sophistication to attract discerning clients.

An Unequalled Proposition

These architectural enhancements, combined with the incremental growth capability and cutting edge performance provide a unique investment model, at the forefront of Global Data Centre Technology

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