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Cannon Technologies helps Wi - Manx become the host with the most


Wi-Manx’s new Heywood House Datacentre is open for business and is set to help position the Island as one of the most sought-after hosting centres within the British Isles.

Wi-Manx’s new range of hosting, disaster recovery and connectivity products will be marketed under its new hosting brand, Heywood.

The range of network and hosting solutions includes cloud hosting, colocation, voice servers and dedicated servers, while its managed services include security, load balancing, storage solutions and high performance network solutions.


Since it first began operating in 2004, Wi-Manx has become one of the Isle of Man’s leading network, voice and hosting solutions provider. In order to continue its growth, the company decided to establish a state-of-the-art co-location data centre at its Heywood House headquarters using cabinet, racking and cooling solutions from Cannon Technologies.

The Isle of Man occupies a unique place in the British Isles and as corporation tax is charged at zero percent, it makes an attractive proposition for businesses. Wi-Manx currently has customers as diverse as e-gaming companies, banks, IT service providers, local councils, legal firms and media companies.

Work began on the new facility in mid-2010 and in charge of the project was Joe Hughes, chief technology officer at Wi-Manx. He explained, 'We wanted a data centre that could provide a full range of solutions including cloud hosting, co-location, voice servers, security, load balancing and storage. To achieve this a high-density and scalable containment solution was required and after carrying out extensive research we chose Cannon Technologies.'

Hughes and his team selected 64 ServerSmart cabinets and two CannonPatch cabling racks. The ServerSmart cabinets are available in a range of heights, widths and depths, with exceptional cooling ability for high power densities. ServerSmart’s doors also have the unique ability to open to 180º when bayed and 270º at end of bay or when used in a standalone formation.

A similarly high-density solution, the CannonPatch racks have substantial cable capacity and its cable management arms guide cables being fed from patch panels to the vertical cable trunking. Every bit of U space can be filled with patch panels and they can be used as a single patching frame or quickly bayed in multiples.

With a power usage effectiveness (PUE) target of 1.3, Hughes knew that as well as having an efficient power infrastructure, cold aisle containment was a must have item. As part of the request for proposal, Wi-Manx sought a vendor who could offer high quality cabinets complemented by a modern, efficient cold aisle containment system. Cannon Technologies was able to meet both requirements.

‘Cannon Technologies’ Aisle - Cocoon concept is a technically advanced solution that provides a system of overhead panels and end doors that effectively seal off the cold aisle, ’ explained David Stickland, chief commercial officer at Wi-Manx. ‘This ensures that the cold air emitted from the floor is sealed in a “cocoon” which is unaffected by hot exhaust air, while the cooling air can only exit through the equipment for which it is intended.

’In September 2011 the installation was completed and the facility was officially opened soon after. Joe Hughes concluded, ‘I’m absolutely delighted with the results and confident that the Heywood House Datacentre is the most modern hosting facility of its kind. Cannon Technologies understood our requirements and their versatility, flexible approach, UK manufacturing base and desire to make sure their solution fitted with our overall design and vision of the data centre was instrumental to the success of the project.’

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