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Cannon Technologies Provides State-Of-The-Art Modular Solutions to Help Build Brand New Tasmanian Data Centre

The global leader in modular enclosure solutions, Cannon Technologies, has been commissioned to commence a brand new project for Perth-based Red Cloud Ltd – a project that will see the firm create state-of-the-art data cabinets and metal enclosures for a brand new data centre in Hobart, Tasmania.

The modular technology experts will be contributing their considerable skill and pioneering products to overhaul an existing industrial building, constructing factory-produced modules that will slot in to boost levels of redundancy and security. The new data centre, which is expected to cost around $40m, will be an internationally-renowned site, allowing ICT companies throughout the region to deliver a vast array of quality services without disruption or latency, which is often a problem with mainland data centres. 

Matthew Goulding, managing director of Cannon Technologies says, “We’re thrilled to be joining Red Cloud Ltd in this pioneering project which will provide a state-of-the-art data centre for the island of Tasmania. Our global award-winning modular technology will play a crucial role in the creation of the site, providing exceptional agility and helping to futureproof the site for the years to come. The technology used is the most advanced in the world, ensuring Tasmania will remain at the very forefront of innovation.”

The custom, scalable solution which will be installed at the Hobart site will start with 150-200 racks and 1 megawatt of power, with a view to expanding to 600 racks and a maximum of 4 megawatts of power. All of Cannon Technologies’ products and solutions are built with the future in mind, to ensure they will remain relevant and functional for a significant time.

Cannon Technologies is highly experienced in providing world-class modular solutions for some of the world’s toughest environments. The expert engineering team, which has more than forty years of experience, will devise and configure a data centre operating system based on the exact requirements of Red Cloud Ltd, with all solutions engineered to military-grade security standards.

Goulding adds, “The demand for cloud-based storage solutions is growing worldwide, and this new data centre will help to drive forward the economy in Tasmania, offering a welcome boost to Tasmanian ICT companies that no longer wish to rely on mainland data centres.”

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