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Cannon SMARTep

Cannon-SMARTep-cabinet-provides-a-smart-trim-option-which-can-be-customised-when-door-is-not-requiredIn addition to a wide choice of standard cabinets and accessories, SMARTep (EPIC) also provides the option of individual designs, from small changes to comprehensive custom developments. We are finding growing customers wanting 80% of features and then making small tweaks to provide them a unique product.

CEP’s modern production facilities and processes guarantee unrivalled flexibility, quality and customer focus, and the SMARTep’s stylish appearance is complemented with a rugged steel construction. It is available in standard sizes from 24U to 47U, 600mm and 800mm widths, and four versatile depths from 600mm to 1000mm. It also boasts four adjustable 19-inch panel/slide mounts and a large cable access area on the top and base.

These IEC 60297 compliant cabinets are finished with a 2mm steel texture powder paint frame, steel texture powder painted panels, and 2mm powder painted steel  19-inch and ETSI compliant panel mounts. With the frames accepting loads of up to 800kg, the SMARTep is designed to offer the best possible protection for sensitive electronic equipment and any moves, adds and changes are made easier thanks to side and rear panels with quick release fasteners. Different frame sizes can be bayed together and installed with the same covers and accessory components as their Smart family of cabinets, enhancing their appearance and allowing for a large range of configurations.

Depending on the market segment and type of project, cabinets must conform to either the imperial or the metric standard. SMARTep combines both specifications and additional features such as shock and vibration resistance, first class heat removal and seismic upgradability make them suitable for the widest possible number of applications.

By utilising the SMARTep mobile plinth customers in the test and measurement environment are able to easily position their test equipment at the appropriate test station and then move back for storage as and when required.

"We chose the name of this new electronic cabinet for a very good reason, as it offers the cleverest option for protecting equipment in the widest possible range of applications and environments," stated Cannon Electronic Packaging’s director of business development, Glenn Conlon. "The level of functionality, features and accessories that the SMARTep has represents a step-change in what’s possible with cabinet design and use, and we are once again proud to be leading the way in this sector."

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