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Cannon Enigma Outdoor Shelter


“ENIGMA” is a range of shelters developed as a Vandal Proof Housing to protect existing customer infrastructure from the effects of solar heat gain and the possibility of attack from an opportunist vandal.

ENIGMA is based on the S-TYPE range of cabinets manufactured by Cannon and provides IP55 rating against liquids & dusts to BS EN 60529:1992 -Degrees of Protection provided by enclosures.

The outdoor equipment housing incorporates a single insulated chamber accessed from secure stainless steel multi-lock rod single or double hinged front opening doors.

Features and Benefits

  • Proven Designs both in test lab and in field, track and street-side operation.
  • Thermal Solutions sized to provide energy efficient and operations cost savings.
  • IP65 testing completed at an independent test house.
  • Modular designs that can be modified to suit customer specific requirements


Market Sector

Applications e.g. Communications,


BTS(radio transmission systems)

Protection Level

Usually IP55

Can be IP & EMC shielded along with potential for Seismic/Shock attenuated


Electronic Remote Access Locks Electronic Key Pads / RFID / Bio-Metrics Sensors (Thermal, humidity, alarms etc.) and Display/Alarm via SNMP and web based application Thermal solution matched to equipment requirements Multiple chambers providing compartments to suit specific equipment mounting and thermal requirements.

Download The Brochure

Click on the following link: Cannon Enigma Brochure