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Modular Data Centre Solutions

Dramatically reduce upfront investment when fitting out existing buildings as new, resilient, high performance Data Centres. A unique solution developed by Cannon Technologies'  enables a true 'Build as you Grow' phased fit out. By using an indoor variant of the Cannon Technologies' Pre-Engineered System, a Granular Modular Data Centre can be built quickly and easily.

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Turnkey Data Centre Solutions

data centre solutions productA complete range of innovative, scalable, "ready to go" systems suitable for any modular or traditional data centre.

Our range of solutions are in use 24/7 by many of the world’s leading data providers including Finance, Education, Government and the Military.

Cannon offers solutions for every environment. Our team of experienced engineers have over 40 years of product knowledge and are constantly striving to improve what is already among the most efficient and functional IT Infrastructure technologies available.

True scalable solutions enable ‘Build as you Grow’ expansion of space and power from sub 3kw to more than 20kw per cabinet. Our extensive range of  racks and enclosures is complemented by aisle and pod layouts. Our designs incorporate space saving sliding doors and an "active aisle roof" which transforms climate control within hot and cold aisles.

Modular building solutions built from Cannon Technologies' own ground breaking Modular System (MDC) and ISO and Cannon Technologies' Wide Container "WISO" formats suit 40 to 250kw data centre requirements. High resilience and efficiency using close coupled cooling solutions managed and monitored with Cannon Technologies' Data Centre Manager (DCM).

Our Modular Cannon Data Campus range is a high performance, low PUE, resilient data centre, built using modern technology to provide an expandable facility, comprising individual modules, each with a dedicated purpose, maximising efficiency. Facilities range from ten racks to hundreds of racks and multi-megawatts of power, but with investor friendly phased growth options. You can see a full specification here.

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