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ServerSmart Cab Server CabinetsCannon ServerSmart Cab

The Gold Standard for Universal Server Cabinets 

ServerSmart Cab server cabinets provide the perfect environment for universal housing of 19-inch servers. Their elegant appearance coupled with high-tech features and unparalleled cooling capabilities make them the ideal solution for leading edge infrastructure.


ServerSmart Cab is available in assembled or flat packed form.


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Cannon ServerSmart Cab Installation

  • Accommodates all 19-inch rack mountable servers
  • Easy access via Cannon's unique 180°/270° opening doors
  • Exceptional cooling ability for high power densities
  • Maximum cable entry through multiple cable glands in roof
  • Easy base access with maximum entry available


Additional Features (over Smart Cab cabinets)

  • MaxiVent curved perforated doors (front and rear)
  • Improved sliding roof design allows easy access for fan unit (interchangable)
  • Increased depth solutions for servers



  • Cable Raceway - simplified cable infrastructure (no ceiling hung cable tray)
  • RAFt™ frame - maximum cable entry and simplified installation (no tile cutting)



  • Heights: 25U, 33U, 42U, 45U, 47U, 52U
  • Widths: 600mm or 800mm
  • Depths: 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm
  • Four infinitely adjustable 19-inch mounting posts allowing universal server mounting - enables rapid and simple installation of servers
  • Cannon Exclusive: server cabinets' doors open 180º when bayed and 270º at end of bay or when stand-alone
  • Quick-release hinges on all doors
  • Two drop-in ribbed and lockable side panels
  • Single key operates side panel and door locks (non-locking versions available)
  • Multiple moulded finger cable entry glands in roof
  • Maximum cable access through base
  • Four transit castors fitted


  • Powder painted Velvet Black to RAL 9005. Other colours available on request.


Download the ServerSmart Cab Product Sheet here


Technical Details


"U" Height Overall Height (mm) Overall Height (mm) on Castors/Feet
25U 1232mm 1302mm
33U 1587mm 1657mm
42U 1987mm 2057mm
45U 2121mm 2191mm
47U 2210mm 2280mm
52U 2432mm 2502mm


Cabinet Width Overall Width
600mm 600mm
700mm 700mm
800mm 800mm


Cabinet Depth Overall (External) Depth
900mm 990mm
1000mm 1090mm
1200mm 1290mm

Please note: Each door is 45mm deep on ServerSmart Cab adding 90mm to the overall external depth of the cabinet.

"U" Height Calculation: 1U = 44.45mm

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Applicable standards

Manufactured (where applicable) to:

  • BS.EN60950 2002
  • IEC 60297
  • EIA-310-D, UL94V0

Load rating

1000kg static (sited directly on floor)


Smart Net - Flat Pack

ServerSmart Cab Flat Pack Server Cabinets

A ServerSmart Cab Flat Pack consists of 5 boxes per cabinet - packaged as follows:

  • Box 1 - Top and Bottom Cover + Fixings + Any Ordered Accessories
  • Box 2 - Corner Posts, Mounting Posts & Infill Panels
  • Box 3 - Full Height Steel Side Panels
  • Box 4 - Inset Plain Steel Rear Door
  • Box 5 - Vented Frame Glass Front Door

Please note all boxes will be labelled accordingly and supplied with all relevant assembly instructions and fixings for ease of installation.


Order Codes

600mm Wide x 900mm Deep - ServerSmart Cab

Height Weight* ASSEMBLED
33U 90Kg SERV336090
42U 101Kg SERV426090
45U 110Kg SERV456090
47U 119Kg SERV476090
52U 137Kg SERV526090

600mm Wide x 1000mm Deep - ServerSmart Cab

Height Weight* ASSEMBLED
33U 100Kg SERV336099
42U 110Kg SERV426099
45U 120Kg SERV456099
47U 130Kg SERV476099
52U 140Kg SERV526099

600mm Wide x 1200mm Deep - ServerSmart Cab

Height Weight* ASSEMBLED
33U 110Kg SERV336012
42U 120Kg SERV426012
45U 130Kg SERV456012
47U 140Kg SERV476012
52U 150Kg SERV526012



800mm Wide x 900mm Deep - ServerSmart Cab

Height Weight* ASSEMBLED
33U 101Kg SERV338090
42U 119Kg SERV428090
45U 125Kg SERV458090
47U 131Kg SERV478090
52U 149Kg SERV528090

800mm Wide x 1000mm Deep - ServerSmart Cab

Height Weight* ASSEMBLED
33U 112Kg SERV338099
42U 122Kg SERV428099
45U 132Kg SERV458099
47U 142Kg SERV478099
52U 152Kg SERV528099

800mm Wide x 1200mm Deep - ServerSmart Cab

Height Weight* ASSEMBLED
33U 122Kg SERV338012
42U 132Kg SERV428012
45U 142Kg SERV458012
47U 152Kg SERV478012
52U 162Kg SERV528012

* Weights shown are approximate and are based on the server cabinets being empty with no accessories or equipment fitted.

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Tools & Resources


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