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Roadside Cabinets

Robust, IP65-rated cabinets

Cannon Technologies provides a range of cabinets suitable for roadside applications including telecommunications.

Find out more about:

  • StreetWise - active cabinets with complete thermal management solutions
  • Cellular - specially designed for the telecummunications sector


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StreetWise Active Cabinet

The Cannon StreetWise Active Cabinets range provides a temperature controlled and secure environment for valuable and sensitive active equipment in a cost effective and space sensitive way. Most cabinets are manufactured from pre-galvanised 2mm thick steel which is then polyester powder painted to customer specified colours.

Both air conditioners and heat exchangers are used to control the internal equipment environment and selection would be dependant on the customer’s specification. Cannon StreetWise Active Cabinets are sealed to IP65 and are tailor made to suit customers’ specific equipment, including EMC shielding where applicable. Life expectancy of these cabinets exceeds 25 years.

These cabinets are customer specific and have a large range of options that can be specified. Please use the Outdoor Enquiry Form or contact the Cannon Sales Team for further information.

Product Features

  • IP 65 rating - Totally sealed with no ventilation or change of air between outside ambient and internally circulating air
  • Fully climate controlled using either air-conditioning systems or air to air heat exchangers
  • Manufactured in various sizes to customer specifications, including paint finish and internal fitments/mounting
  • Systems fully environmentally controlled via the Cannon Guard management system
  • Cabinet is designed for “Active” high heat dissipating equipment
  • Multi-chambered for technology segregation
  • Facility for temperature controlled, fully insulated battery housing to be fitted
  • Fitted with a separate fully insulated, removable thermal chamber for main equipment configuration
  • Doors sealed using a dual seal technology
  • Includes many anti-vandal features within the construction
  • Remotely activated, electronic locks available
  • Manufactured from heavy gauge galvanized steel- giving a 25-year life expectancy


Cellular Communications Cabinets

Cannon has been at the forefront of developing medium to large size cabinets in close liaison with customers requiring cabinets for the deployment of cellular communication and similar equipment. These cabinets can vary in size from relatively small streetside cabinets to large walk-in cabins located in green field or compound sites. They generally are double-skinned, often with an intermediate layer of high performance insulation to lessen the effects of solar gain and the transference of heat and cold to the sensitive transmission or other electronic equipment being housed. The same high level of security is employed in the door locking and hinging systems of these
cabinets as is standard with all Cannon outdoor cabinet products.

Particular attention is given to operator protection and safety from the effects of adverse weather, by the provision of sturdy door stays, to pull-out rain guards, if required. Ultra-quiet radial fans are normally used, which when combined with the air reservoirs featured in large cabinets, produce low noise, high volume air flow with maximum cooling without the need or expense of air conditioning or refrigeration techniques. The fans draw air in through replaceable fine particle dust filters and normally out through the top rear of the cabinet. Cabinets of this type normally incorporate design entities and gasketting to meet a sealing performance of IP55. A labyrinthine approach to the design of air flow apertures maintains the internal environmental integrity of the enclosure. Environmental monitoring and access control and monitoring options available with CannonGuard.

Product Features

  • Rated to IP 55
  • Fitted with replaceable fine particle dust filters
  • Force fan ventilation employed for internal cooling
  • Large cabinets utilise air reservoirs for low noise, high volume air circulation
  • Cabinet manufactured in single and multi-door configurations
  • Internal mounting to customers requirements
  • Modular building techniques allow for customer design contribution
  • Doors secured with stainless steel multi-point dead locking system
  • Fitted with door-stays for operator safety whilst working in adverse and windy conditions
  • Painted to customers specific colour requirement
  • Full multi-stage cleaning and pre-treatment prior to the application of a 90-micron powder coating
  • Manufactured from 2mm thick heavy gauge galvanized material giving a 25-year life expectancy
  • Can be supplied with various mounting protocols
  • Can be configured with customer specific power distribution system
  • Installed using direct bury in-ground or transformer root systems
  • Torsion Bar root assembly for better stability making easier root installation
  • Uses ultra-quiet radial fans
  • Includes many anti-vandal features within the construction
  • As an optional extra the inside of the panels can be insulated to reduce the likelihood of condensation forming

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