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Cannon Technologies is an international leader in data cabinets & metal enclosure systems for use in the Data Networking, Telecommunications, Electronics & IT industries with design and manufacturing.

Cannon Technologies Ltd was established in 1978 by teams from the Parent RJF and Scammell groups, with the objective of further developing activity for the Defence and Commercial sectors, in which key executives had extensive experience. This experience has been perpetuated, and the Cannon Technologies Group was formed.


Today, Cannon Technologies has achieved sector leadership and is renowned for a high level of investment in R&D and product development.

Cannon Technologies Group


The Cannon Technologies Group Ltd consists of:


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The Group has registered in excess of twenty patents and currently offers an impressive range of products and advanced solutions.

With an exceptional pedigree and valuable experience, the company has a long history of success in project delivery, supported by cutting edge products and cost effective solutions.

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Over the past thirty years Cannon has excelled in a wide range of high tech solutions.

Early examples include:

  • Weapon handling and container systems

  • Military containers and cases

  • ISO containerised solutions, including communication centers, maintenance facilities and medical units

  • Containerised modules for a naval air base equipped with Air Traffic Control, ops rooms' workshops & personnel units

In the mid 1980s Cannon expanded into the communication and "IT" sector with the development of solutions for military and non-military projects, including outdoor and indoor enclosure systems for Navy, Army and global commercial organisations.

In the 1990s the company expanded, introducing a range of outdoor enclosures for CCTV, Telecoms, Radio Base Stations, EMC and IP-rated products.

During this phase the company designed and manufactured ship-bourne and land based data com enclosures to exacting performance specification and for challenging environments.  These fully equipped solutions required EMC / EMP protection, High IP ratings extreme shock attenuation, full environmental management, physical protection against attack and fire protection. Often augmented by remote management systems and remote alarms.

During the late 1990s the Group expanded substantially, establishing production facilities in Europe and North America while investing over £1 million in data center R&D.



"Our mission is to significantly contribute towards the corporateobjectives of you our client, by reducing your capital and operational expenditure and increasing your return on capital employed, by providing you with cutting edge, robust Data Centre Solutions which are green and best of breed.”


Cannon has a proven history of innovation, based on customer led requirements. Cannon innovation continues to benefit Cannon customers in areas such as:


  • Electronic Systems
  • Remote Control
  • Power Solutions
  • Cooling Systems
  • Security Devices
  • Fire Protection
  • Fire Suppression
  • Quick Fit Systems
  • Modular Structures
  • Enclosure solutions



Cannon operates over 100,000 sq ft of manufacturing for mechanical and electrical projects, with extensive plant and equipment.

Design and development facilities include advanced CAD and CAD/CAM resources providing fully integrated design linked with machine programming.

Product testing is undertaken using Cannon's own laboratory facilities and in conjunction with NAMAS accredited test houses.

The latest special purpose and traditional production equipment provides high volume as well as small batch production resources.




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