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Network Rail Type C CabOutdoor Cabinets

External cabinets for Trackside and Roadside applications. 

Cannon Technologies Ltd has a long history of product development both for military and civilian applications. This broad based experience has been fundamental to the development of a wide range of integrated outdoor enclosure systems. In addition to the cabinets shown, Cannon offers thermal management and diagnostic systems.  

Among these are: 

  • Convection cooling, using natural ambient air cooling
  • FanCell. Forced air cooling
  • CoolCell. Compact forced air high efficiency heat exchangers 
  • ChillCell. Solid state chilling unit
  • FreezeCell. Compact air conditioning unit
  • Environmental Control Unit. Fully integrated life support system for the control and monitoring of all critical functions. Remote and attended diagnostic facility offering 40 or more discreet alarms