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Outdoor Cabinets

External cabinets for Trackside and Roadside applications

Cannon Technologies Ltd has a long history of product development both for military and civilian applications. This broad based experience has been fundamental to the development of a wide range of integrated outdoor enclosure systems. In addition to the cabinets shown, Cannon offers thermal management and diagnostic systems.  

Among these are: 

  • Convection cooling, using natural ambient air cooling
  • FanCell. Forced air cooling
  • CoolCell. Compact forced air high efficiency heat exchangers Cannon 'C' Type Trackside Cabinet
  • ChillCell. Solid state chilling unit
  • FreezeCell. Compact air conditioning unit
  • Environmental Control Unit. Fully integrated life support system for the control and monitoring of all critical functions. Remote and attended diagnostic facility offering 40 or more discreet alarms


Outdoor CabinetOutdoor CabinetOutdoor Cabinet


ABOVE: Outdoor cabinets are manufactured to meet your precise requirements.