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Cannon T4 ­ Modular Data Centres

Cannon T4 Modular Data Centre

A high performance, full specification Data Centre;
  - Instantly Deployable.


A highly secure Data Centre, built using proven high specification precision components, for outdoor locations (or indoor).


Watch the Cannon T4 Modular Data Centre video here


Features and Benefits

Cannon T4 MDC

• Rapidly deployable, anywhere, any site, in minimal space
• Leading edge performance
• Sited to suit specific needs at inception
• Expandable, scaled growth
• High density configurations
• Low carbon footprint
• Low capital cost
• Low operating cost
• Full remote control and monitoring capability, globally

Design Characteristics

• A fully integrated design, providing exceptional benefits and rapid deployment.
• A high-tech modular post and panel construction, of advanced performance
• Virtually any shape of foot print and any size, turnkey ready
• Extensive options available
• Choice of power and cooling density, up to high density
• Optional levels of redundancy and resilience, to Tier 4*
• Cooling by chilled water systems or computer room air conditioning
• Turn key ready for rapid deployment and instant use
• No entrenched foundations needed, so no site disturbance
• Rigid, sub-frame mounted with levelling system or concrete slab mounted
• Fully self reliant or connected to shared services
• Comprises non combustible materials throughout
• Non particulate generating materials, hygienic and protective
• Non moisture bearing materials
• Re-cyclable materials
• High thermal efficiency
• Rugged, long life Data Centre
• Highly secure
• Full remote monitoring and control capability
• Low carbon footprint, high efficiency design



Cannon Modular Data Center - Inside

• Manufactured under strict QA ISO 2001 conditions
• Precision post/frame modules
• Sandwich panel outer walls and roof (nominal 100mm / 4” thick)
• High tensile steel with galvanized protection throughout for longevity
• Mineral wool core within all sandwich panels providing high resistance to thermal transfer and fire resistance (typical fire rating 60 minutes)
• Non combustible structural materials throughout
• Thermal break techniques minimise heat transfer throughout the structure, ensuring high thermal efficiency
• High specification powder coating for long life weathering

Foundation Options

• Mounted on smooth/level concrete pad, with waterproof membrane
• Or mounted on precision sub frame, containing additional sub-floor, providing environmental protection and protection against insects, vermin etc.
• Levelling jack pads across floor matrix of sub frame
• Optional security skirt to seal off access to under sub frame



• Fire resistant, double skin door with mineral wool core, thermal and fire gasketing. Hung on robust stainless steel hinges
• Single or multiple door options
• High security, door lock with internal panic lever for instant escape
• Entry doorways can be provided with optional heavy duty plastic strip curtains to minimise air loss through door way, when open. Doorway can be upgraded to provide an entry vestibule, with air lock feature
• Doorway vestibule with air lock feature


• No windows provided in standard build
• Optional windows can be provided for combined Data Center / work space applications, such as air traffic control centers, plant control centers or similar applications


Main Floor

• Floor can be specified with under floor void to suit client’s specification or without a void. Cable tray can be added
• Custom designed floor tiles, sized to match the frame grid, provide liftable access to under floor void
• Floor tiles comprise powder coated, cold rolled steel, suitably reinforced with under surface ribs
• Anti-static vinyl can be added to floor surfaces if required
• The large floor tile matrix facilitates exceptional access to the under floor void
• Grill type floor tiles also available


IT Equipment Racks

All equipment racks are selected from the cannon smart cab range, usually the “server smart cab” range and can be sized and configured to the specific needs of the client.
Most typical are 42U 600 x 1000 or 42U 800 x 1000.
Rack door types are dependent on the cooling system adopted.


Overhead Cable Ways

• Cable routing ways are available in the void directly above rack rows
• Cannon raceway can be specified for these above rack voids
Note: - these voids can be omitted if required


“Quick Fit” System For Internal Fit Out

A unique, quick fit rail system allows additional equipment to be mounted anywhere around the internal walls, or re-located, without the necessity to drill into any internal wall skin. This preserves environmental integrity avoiding degradation.


Environmental Entry Glands

All pipe work, power and data cabling entry is managed through high performance gland systems positioned as required by site layout.

M and E Plant and Equipment
Selected options are available for positioning items of plant, such as chillers, air con units, generators, ups etc. Within or outside of the Modular Data Centre.



Remote control of all active infrastructure, plant and machinery is available via “CannonGuard” including, power, cooling and environmental, fire, access and a/v surveillance.
This maximises efficient control and monitoring, with SNMP alarms for out of tolerance parameters with full history and audit trail, from anywhere around the globe.



Standard colour is “Chameleon: Grey White”, high performance polyester powder coating, baked to form long life surface protection. Grey White reflects a high percentage of solar gain, reducing thermal transfer and providing a neutral non invasive appearance. Other colours can be provided to meet site requirements.


Site Assembly

Comprised totally of man portable components. This enables erection of the Modular Data Centre to be achieved without the need for heavy construction plant and machinery.
This unique advantage minimises disturbance to surroundings.



The Cannon T4 ­ Modular Data Centre offers versatile floor plans to suit site constraints.It can be disassembled and moved to an alternative location, or extended at any time to allow phased growth.



Cannon has outdoor installations performing perfectly in aggressive climates after more than 25 years of operation.


Example build summary

• All components delivered to site on pallets
• Cannon assembly / erection team or client team, can erect the Modular Data Centre
• Rapid build process is designed in


Turnkey options

Cannon will be pleased to provide a complete, operational Modular Data Centre, turnkey ready, to any performance ‘tier’.

* "Tier 4" relates to the TIA 942 standard for data centres

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