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Cold Aisle Containment SolutionsCold Aisle Containment solutions from Cannon Technologies are at the leading edge of data centre server protection and energy reduction.

Cannon is a global supplier of Aisle Cocooning which stops hot exhaust air vented from your cabinets from entering neighbouring servers or mixing with incoming cold air needed for cooling.

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Hot exhaust air expelled from cabinets can hit temperatures of up to 85 degrees ­ damaging servers and wasting money investing in cooling systems.

Rising hot air makes the uppermost servers in each rack particularly vulnerable.

Passive v Active Cold Aisle Containment Solutions

Cold Aisle Containment solutions from Cannon not only segregate the hot and cold air ­ they play a vital role in fire safety and security/access control.

Passive Cold Aisle Containment systems from Cannon use overhead panels that are fast and easy to fit. They remain in place at all times. Fire suppression is provided by modules fitted inside each aisle.

Active Cold Aisle Containment systems utilise panels that open automatically in the event of fire ­ enabling data centre operators to use their existing roof-mounted fire suppression systems.

Cold Aisle Containment Solutions: Specifications

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